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The mobiles of Huawei arrive loaded with own applications and very useful tools. In addition, now more than ever, the Chinese company wants to demonstrate that its alternatives are as valid as Google apps, although it still has a long way to go. One of the native apps of the signature terminals is the email client, with which we can add VIP contacts to our inbox.

It is easy for email trays to fill up with irrelevant messages. Whether for our personal or work use, being able to keep in view the emails of those most revealing contacts is essential. For this reason, within the Huawei Mail we can add the VIP contacts that we consider so that no important emails are missed or those from the most relevant contacts for us are at your fingertips.

Mark VIP contacts in the mail

The easiest method to create these VIP contacts is to press press and hold on the mail app, whose direct access we will have on the desktop. Once done, click on “VIP Inbox”. If we have not configured an email account, we must do so before, choosing our email client from among several available to choose from.

Huawei VIP inbox

Three options to search

Once done we can click on “Add VIP contacts”. Now we will see the available options, since we can add these contacts from tabs from “Recent”, “Contacts” or Groups “. We also have a search box to be able to more easily find the contacts that we are going to mark as VIP. Once selected we will only have to press on the confirmation stick in the upper right.

New VIP inbox

Now we can see our inbox, and a “VIP inbox” where the incoming emails of the contacts we have selected will be stored. In addition, next to the name of each user, we will be able to see the VIP label in yellow, making it even easier to differentiate them from other messages.

Huawei VIP inbox 01

Delete VIP contacts

We may not always need to have the same VIP contacts or some are already deprecated. In this case it is best to remove them from the list. For this we will have to carry out the same process, and mark the contacts by clicking on delete contacts. In the case of not having any VIP contact, the VIP inbox will be automatically deleted.

Written by David Girao

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