How to create and use the rules on Android phones


With the arrival of Android 10 To the different Google Pixel models that are available, we knew a very useful new feature. The so-called rules began their journey exclusively to have continuity in Android 11 but for now not reach other smartphones of any brand. However if you have a Google Pixel you are in luck because you can change the sound of your mobile without touching it.

Automation is very useful on mobile phones, which avoids having to be aware of it at all times. For now, Google only allows it to be used to modify the sound, but it is expected that more options and novelties will soon be introduced that will give value to the possibilities of the rules on Android for more options.

We activate the Android rules

To start using the rules we first have to activate them, a simple process to do where the system will warn us that this may mean a somewhat higher consumption of the battery. In our case we have tested it and it does not affect too much, also the mobile knows at all times the position through the background so it is not something that should concern us.

activate android rules

  • We start by going into the smartphone settings.
  • We go down to the system option and access.
  • Then we will touch the dropdown to see the other options and choose rules.
  • We tap on the top above and allow its use.

Set up new rules on mobile

Once we have them activated, the option to choose when you connect or by location will appear at the top. These two methods will be those that we can use to later establish the WiFi network to which we must connect to comply with the rule or an area of ​​the map to activate the rule. Finally we will have to choose the sound mode to which we want to change it, being able to choose the mode not to disturb, silence, vibration or to activate the sound again.

create add android rule

At the end of the whole option appears to us to receive a notice or not to do so and then the change will continue executing but without notifying it. As we can see in the last image that we show you, the notification alerts us to the change that has occurred to modify it ourselves if it is not what we want. The rule functions They are limited for now but we will keep you informed if they extend to more mobiles or if they are increased with the implementation of Android 11.

Written by Ruben De la Calle

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