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How to Create Telegram Supergroups: Features, Members, Advantages

How to Create Telegram Supergroups: Features, Members, Advantages

These Telegram supergroups They are not intended for you to talk to your family because you will hardly have more than a thousand cousins, cousins ​​or uncles. They are designed for large companies, for university classes, etc. It can be difficult to find out something but they are very useful and we tell you everything you should know about them.

What are supergroups?

If you have heard of Telegram supergroups, it is because it is one of the great features of the messaging application and one of the differences compared to other competitors, such as WhatsApp. The supergroups arrived in November 2015 with the great feature that they allowed up to 1,000 members to be in the same conversation. From group they went to supergroup by exceeding 200 people in the same chat and they had special features:

  • Administrators could delete messages for everyone
  • Only administrators could edit group info
  • Members could only delete their own messages
  • Supergroups have descriptions like channels
  • There is a blacklist of users
  • 1,000 people in total for each supergroup
  • Possibility of making the group public with an alias (since 2016)
  • Pin messages and notify (since 2016)
  • Block users and delete all their messages (since 2016)
  • Report spam (since update in 2016)

Members in supergroups

The number of people admitted was growing from 1,000 to 5,000 in 2016 and with new features mentioned above. In 2017 it increased even more: the Telegram 4.1 version arrived and the supergroups could have up to 10,000 members in the month of June and in September up to 20,000 members with the update of the 4.3 version of Telegram. Also at the end of 2017 and with a new update of the application it was increased to 50,000 members and in 2018 an update allowed the increase to 100,000 members with the version of Telegram 5.1.1.


But the next update that increased the number of members of the supergroups while making them disappear: in early 2019 Telegram 5.2 arrived and the groups and supergroups were simply called “groups”. News came and the possibility of up to 200,000 people per group, but there were no differences between them. Everyone they can be public and private, everyone can have short links to share and everyone has a unique and persistent chat history. Regardless of whether or not it is super because everyone is called the same today.

That is, if you have heard of “supergroups” it is something that in the messaging application does not exist since January 2019. Or it does not exist, at least, with that name. All are included within the groups and they have more options.

Characteristics of the groups

Currently all groups are equal, there is no difference between groups and supergroups unless you make it so: that they have more members, that they are public or private, that administrators have more or less permissions. But the characteristics of the groups are common to all, whether or not they are already super.

  • Maximum of 200,000 members in any group
  • Unique history which allows you to edit the messages after publishing them, whether or not you are the creator or administrator of the group. If you delete your message it will disappear for all the people who are in that Telegram group.
  • Availability on different platforms, through the mobile or the desktop.
  • Instant search: Find the message you are looking for.
  • Answers, mentions and hashtags: You can easily track a conversation and maintain efficient communication.
  • Smart notifications: Mute the group to receive notifications when they specifically mention you or reply to your messages.
  • Pinned messages: You can pin any message to be seen at the beginning of the conversation and all members will see it when they open.
  • Public groups which can be accessed with a link or by searching through the Telegram search engine. Or with a short link invitation.
  • Moderation tools: Name administrators who can help you manage the group, control members, or delete some.
  • File sharing that allows you to send and receive files of any type with up to 1.5 GB for each one of them. Enough space for what we want: music, documents, photos, videos …
  • Personalization with bots to integrate them into groups.

Public and private groups

One of the main characteristics that supergroups had was that they could be public and anyone could access it, unlike conventional groups where you could only invite friends or contacts that you had added. Groups now generally They are divided into public or private. All of them with the same limit of 200,000 people but with the difference that anyone you want can join or that they can enter by searching for the group in the app using the search engine: write the topic that interests you and you will see what there is.

You will know if it is a group (and not a channel) because under the name the membership and not the number of subscribers. You can join any public group that you see on Telegram looking for the group of the subject that interests you (books, names of series, movies or videogames or sports, etc.)

When creating them you can also create your own Telegram supergroup even if they no longer have this name. That is, you make your group, add the people you want and make it public. Little by little, other users who search for you in the application or who you send will join. the short link.

How to create a supergroup

Create a public or private group, the process to do it is the same.

  • Go to your Telegram application
  • Tap the pencil button in the lower right corner
  • Once here, a new window will open
  • Tap on New group
  • Add the people you want

Create Telegram supergroups

Once created you can go to the group information to choose whether you want it to be public or private, to add members or to add administrators. Administrators will have a number of powers and it is especially useful if they are large groups or supergroups where there are many people or messages to moderate. Can add the ones you want easily as long as they are already members of the group and are united to it:

  • Open the group information at the top
  • Tap the pencil icon button at the top right
  • Click on “Administrators”
  • Tap on “Add administrator”
  • Choose the people you want to give advantages and permissions

Supergroup Telegram administrators

Invitation link

Can use an invitation linkn that in public groups you can personalize with the name you want so that it is easily remembered.

  • Join a group
  • Tap at the top to access the information
  • Tap the pencil in the upper right corner to edit
  • Go to “Group type”
  • Check the option “Public group”
  • Customize the link by putting what you want
  • Share it with whoever you want

You can easily invite groups

  • Go to the group in question
  • Open the top, group information
  • Tap on “Add members”
  • You will see your contact list
  • Tap on “Invite the group with a link
  • A link will appear
  • Tap on “Copy link”
  • Paste it in the app you want, emails, websites …

Add members in supergroups


From the group information you can choose the permissions that the members of your group can have, how long they should wait between messages and whether or not there are exceptions they can do whatever they want bypassing all of the above.

The permissions you can activate or disable are:

  • Send messages
  • Send multimedia
  • Send stickers and GIFs
  • Send surveys
  • Embed links
  • Add users
  • Pin messages
  • Change chat info

Tap the different switches as you want to choose what they do and what they don’t.

Slow mode

Slow mode can be configured from group information. It is the time each member must wait before sending their next message and you will find it with a slider that allows you to choose between several options:

  • Not
  • 10 seconds
  • 30 seconds
  • 1 minute
  • 5 minutes
  • 15 minutes
  • 1 hour

Telegram supergroup permissions

Tips and safety

Supergroups have a series of tools that are essential to maintain their privacy and security. In addition, so that these thousand or two thousand people are organized without everything being absolute chaos where nobody knows anything. There are a number of tips you can follow:

  • Anchor a message in the group and will allow people to always see this at the top. It is generally very useful for setting standards.
  • If they don’t follow the rules and you’re the administrator, banea. For example, it is common for groups of universities to block users who exchange books in PDF or any other behavior that violates Telegram standards. If not, you risk having your group closed.
  • Uses group search to find any message. If there are hundreds of people, imagine how many messages there will be and how complicated it will be.
  • Control permissions if you want everything not to go haywire. It blocks the options of sending files, for example, or controls the time that can pass between message and message by its users.


Beyond these basic tips, you can improve security using a nick or alias instead of your phone number. When accessing groups there are many people and it is recommended that you do not give your data to strangers or that you do not show your number when entering one of those groups of thousands of people. You can configure that nobody sees it except your contacts. Or nobody, directly.

  • Go to the Telegram app
  • Tap on the three lines in the upper left corner
  • Access Settings
  • Look for the option “Privacy and security”
  • Tap on the option “Phone number”
  • Open it
  • Choose who can see your number
    • Everyone
    • My contacts
    • No one


So no one will see your phone number in the public groups or supergroups you access, they will only see the username that you have previously chosen.

  • Open Telegram
  • Go to the three lines at the top left of the app
  • Open your profile by clicking on the photo
  • You will see your photo, your number, your username and your biography
  • Tap on username
  • Trade it for the one you want, with a maximum length of 5 characters

Telegram username - Privacy settings

Differences between groups and channels

Given the characteristics of the groups (or already extinct supergroups) it is also important to differentiate between groups and channels since both allow a large number of people in the same conversation. But are they the same?

No, they are not the same. The difference between Telegram channels and groups is basically that in groups you can write, send messages, send files and photos even if there are administrators with moderation powers that delete member messages or controls. But you can participate. Not on the channels. That is the main difference: in the channels you can only read or access the links or download the files they send. Another difference is that in the channels you will not see that there is a person who speaks rather, it communicates directly as the channel itself, although there are two or three people behind it. The creator can send messages and appoint administrators to allow it

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