How to delete saved passwords on Android or iPhone


In recent times we have seen how both Android and iOS became popular and the process of saving passwords was much easier. Now we do not need to memorize each and every one of them because in our mobile they are all stored, saving us from having to remember them in different apps and websites. However we may need to delete some of the passwords at some point.

So that you do not have problems, we are going to teach you the steps you must follow on Android and Apple iPhone to remove passwords completely and so the suggestion does not jump again. To re-save the password you just have to follow the steps of the first time and click on the button that will appear. There may be several circumstances that make us delete them, including that we no longer use them, have changed them or other reasons.

Steps to remove passwords on Android

In Android 9 Pie, Android 10 and Android 11 the steps remain the same for delete stored passwords in Google. The system used integrates the settings and in the same way that we can manage them to see them, we can also eliminate them. The steps to follow are simple, we show you:

delete android password

  • We enter the settings of our Android mobile.
  • We look for the section called Google and we access it.
  • We agree to manage your Google account.
  • We go to the security tab.
  • Now we go down to the password manager option.
  • We choose the desired one and click on delete.

This cannot be reversed in any way and in order for the password to be synchronized with our account, we will have to save it again.

Clear saved passwords on iPhone

In case we have an iPhone the passwords are stored in the iCloud keychain to be available on all devices. The steps to follow to clear iCloud password They are not too complex and as you will see they are quick to follow, practically identical from iOS 12 onwards:

delete iphone password

  • First we will access the device settings.
  • Then we will enter passwords.
  • Now we click on the desired password in the app or website that it indicates.
  • Finally we tap on delete password and confirm it.

With these steps the password will not appear again or when it is automatically completed. To use it again we will only have to save it again in the iCloud keychain and it will appear on the web or app that we have used for it.

Written by Ruben De la Calle

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