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How to delete saved WiFi networks on Android

How to delete saved WiFi networks on Android


For various reasons we may need remove WiFi networks from mobile Among the many that we can have stored in Android, a process that is very similar in most mobiles but has slight differences. For this reason, with this tutorial we want to end all doubts and show you the exact steps you must follow in each of the brands.

Among the possibilities that can make us need delete a WiFi network mobile we find that the connection does not work, sometimes just by reconnecting the problem is solved. The steps are of course the same for all the mobiles of each brand, beyond any small difference that may appear due to a new version of the personalization layer.

Delete WiFi networks on Android Stock

Both in the Google Pixel, as well as in the mobiles of Motorola, Nokia or Android One, the steps will be based on the purest Android experience. Without adding some that modify the options both in Android 9, Android 10 or Android 11 we must follow the following steps that we explain to you to get rid of any WiFi network that we have stored on our smartphone.

forget wifi android

  • First of all we access the device settings.
  • Then we will enter the network and internet section.
  • Now we will click on WiFi.
  • And we touch on the settings wheel of the WiFi network that we have saved and want to delete.
  • From the new page we just have to click on forget and it will be deleted.

Delete WiFi networks on Xiaomi

It is the turn of Xiaomi mobiles, which offer us the option of delete a WiFi network in MIUI with a few simple steps. This method is practically identical in the versions of MIUI 10, MIUI 11 and MIUI 12. The steps to follow are the following:

remove wifi Xiaomi

  • We start by going into the settings.
  • Then click on WiFi.
  • We select the WiFi network that we want to eliminate.
  • This brings us to a new tab where we have to go down to the end.
  • Here we will see the option to forget network.

Forget WiFi networks on Samsung

From any of the Samsung mobiles that have One UI in any of its versions, we will be able to carry out the process of delete a WiFi network with the steps that we show you.

delete samsung wifi

  • First we turn to the settings.
  • Then we go into connections.
  • We are looking for the WiFi option.
  • Inside we have to choose the one we want to delete and touch on the settings wheel.
  • Finally we will see below the button to forget it.

Delete WiFi network on Huawei

All Huawei mobiles also include this option to remove WiFi keys whether they have Google services or not. With EMUI the steps to follow are as follows:

remove wifi huawei

  • We start by going into the smartphone settings.
  • Then we go into WiFi.
  • In all the WiFi networks that appear, we select the desired one.
  • Finally we tap on the forget button.

Delete WiFi connection on Realme phones

The Realme signature and its Realme UI personalization layer also offer us the option to delete WiFi networks on mobiles. These are the steps that we must imitate:

remove wifi realme

  • We first access the settings.
  • Then we will enter the WiFi section.
  • We select the saved WiFi network and that we want to delete.
  • On the new page we have to click on delete this network.

Delete WiFi on OnePlus phones

In OnePlus mobiles we may also need it and in OxygenOS the steps to follow do not change much from the rest of the layers. These are the steps to follow:

remove oneplus wifi

  • To start we enter the device settings.
  • We select the WiFi and Internet option.
  • Then we enter WiFi.
  • We touch on the settings wheel that comes out next to the desired WiFi.
  • Finally we give the button to forget.

Delete WiFi in OPPO

On OPPO devices the steps to follow next to ColorOS 6 and ColorOS 7 to delete a WiFi network are these:

  • First we go into the settings.
  • Then we went to the WiFi section.
  • We select the saved WiFi network.
  • Finally we click on delete this network.

Delete WiFi networks on LG mobiles

The LG UX customization layer also has a few changes for delete a WiF keyi, in this case what we should do is the following:

  • We enter the mobile settings.
  • Then we select WiFi.
  • Now we keep our finger pressed on the WiFi network to forget.
  • We touch on forget network to complete it.

Forget WiFi on Sony mobiles

The Sony Xperia also include this tool that solves some problems with the WiFi connection. In this case for delete a WiFi network on Android with Xperia UI what we will do is:

  • We enter the configuration.
  • Then we select mobile and networks.
  • Now we will enter Wifi.
  • Press and hold the name of the Wi-Fi network.
  • To finish we choose to forget network.

Written by Ruben De la Calle

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