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Our mobile can receive various types of updates and hundreds of them a year if we take into account all our installed applications and those related to the system or its patches. All these updates are usually done automatically in Android to avoid the user, the cumbersome work of doing it manually, although we can modify this aspect to have greater control.

It is important to keep all those that we consider important up-to-date. In addition to the operating system, applications play a fundamental role in much of the operation However, due to lack of space or wanting to have greater control over everything that happens on our device, we can disable automatic updates on our Android mobile.

Turn off automatic updates in apps

Having dozens and dozens of applications on our mobile is common. However, many of them have surely been deprecated for a long time, so there is little point in updating them and the best thing might even be to delete them. Many of the new updates take up more space than the previous version, and this is a drawback, which is accentuated even more in such unused applications.

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To be able to deactivate any automatic update of the applications, we will have to enter Google Play and tap on the three horizontal lines to access the Settings. Once inside We mark the option of “Do not update applications automatically”. Keep in mind that if Google determines that updating an application allows you to solve a critical security vulnerability, it is possible that a specific app is updated regardless of the update settings established.

Manual update

In this way we can manually update Android applications. To be able to do it individually or together, we will have to enter Google Play and enter the Settings menu again. Now we will touch on “My applications and Games” and we will click on those that we need to update. Google Play will mark those that have an update available with the message “Update”

Turn off automatic system updates

It’s recommended that system updates are enabled automatically, and in fact it arrives like this by default in all new Android terminals. It is the best method to keep up to date with security patches or the latest news, however, full control over our device also allows us to take control over this option.

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Although the method varies from terminal to terminal, the setting is found in the options menu, inside the section dedicated to system updates. Inside we will see a settings icon to uncheck those that refer to automatic system updates.

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