How to disable RCS messages on Android phones


The new Google integration called RCS for Android mobiles with the intention of competing with WhatsApp and other messaging platforms like Telegram has already reached a large number of users and this makes us encounter specific problems. Not everyone wants to use it and so learn to disable RCS messages on Android it is so necessary.

Other reasons for wanting to end them is that they do not provoke us problems with classic SMS or when changing mobile, since we could not use it on our new mobile if we lose the old one with the card. They still have aspects to polish but luckily for us there are solutions for all situations, some easier and others somewhat more complex that we teach you.

Disable RCS messages from mobile

We begin by explaining the steps that we must follow on our mobile, contrary to when we activate it and that in most cases it will be the only thing we need. To begin we must remember that although the RCS messages They are typical of Google’s messaging application, we can also find them in One UI and it is being integrated into other customization layers. The steps to follow are also the following:

disable RCS messages

  • We enter the messaging application.
  • We touch in the upper corner to see the options and choose settings.
  • Then we go to the chat functions section.
  • Now we deactivate the option where it is indicated that they are enabled.

This method can work correctly for us, but after a short time or if we change our mobile they will automatically activate again, for this reason there is an advanced option.

Advanced method of not using RCS messages

As we have explained before, there are controversial situations that can make us prefer or do not use RCS messages on the mobile. For these cases, Google offers us a web page from where we can prevent it from ever being activated. To start we will have to go to the website to deactivate them and enter the country where we are next to the phone number. Then we will press send code and it will reach our mobile where we currently have the SIM card associated with that number.

force disable RCS messages

We enter the security code below and click on verify. In a matter of seconds our number will be disconnected from the RCS messaging services and we won’t have to worry again. In case we want to use it later, we will only have to follow the steps that we have explained previously to now enable them.

Written by Ruben De la Calle

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