How to download any app on your Huawei mobile with Petal Search

You can find most of your favorite apps with Huawei’s Petal Search.

Slowly, Huawei continues to improve Petal Search, its own search engine with which it aspires to offer an alternative capable of replacing the Google search engine on their mobiles, ++ lacking the services of the big G since the entry into force of the veto imposed by the United States Government.

One of its most interesting functions, especially considering that the company’s latest mobiles do not have access to the Google Play Store, is the possibility of download and install applications directly from the search engine through various sources, so that users have it easier to get their favorite apps and tools.

But how do you use Petal Search to find and download any type of application? In this guide we explain how to do it step by step on your Huawei mobile.

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Installing your favorite apps on a Huawei mobile without Google is easier than you think

Use Petal Search to find and install your favorite apps

One of the advantages of using Petal Search instead of accessing some of the main alternatives to Google Play from the browser, is that Huawei search engine already integrates these repositories, and simply enter the name of an application to obtain a result that allows us to download the app directly from one of these sources.

While the general rule is do not recommend downloading and installing apps from sources external to Google Play, it is necessary to mention that the repositories integrated in Petal Search are among the most used and popular, and it is not common to find malicious applications among its catalogs. Still, Huawei specifies that is not responsible for the downloaded content from sources external to your AppGallery store.

Taking all of the above into account, the steps to follow to search and install applications through Petal Search are the following:

  1. Open AppGallery and install the Petal Search search engine in case you didn’t already have it on your mobile.

  2. Enter Petal Search and enter the name of any application that you want to download, and that is not available in AppGallery. For this example, we will use Netflix, although you can use Petal Search to find apps from Google, Facebook or other American companies.

  3. When searching, touch the “Apps” tab to access results that only contain applications.

  4. Tap on “Download”. You will be directed to the repository that offers the download link for the APK or XAPK file.

  5. Start the application download and finally install the APK file.

That’s it. Now, you can access a good number of the applications that are not yet present in the AppGallery, but that are found in the Google Play Store, simply by searching for their name from the Huawei search engine.

Keep in mind that this method has some disadvantages: the clearest is that, unlike the apps installed through Petal Search, these will not update automatically every time there is a new version available, it will be necessary to access the repository from which we have downloaded it –or any other– and manually download and install the file corresponding to the latest edition.

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