How to download apps legally without using the Google Play Store

The Play Store is not the only option when it comes to installing an app on our Android and whoever wants to take risks when downloading applications is because they sincerely want to.

Downloading apps on a mobile phone is not a subject we should take lightly. We have always said that we have to be very careful, only install from trusted sites and developers and, of course, look carefully at the permissions that these apps request from us since even a tool as harmless as a flashlight can be loaded with malware.

Now, either because we have a phone like a Huawei or because we simply cannot find the app we are looking for, making use of the Google app store is not always possible. So. What I can do? Luckily there are quite reliable alternatives to the Play Store so it will not be necessary to go to dubious quality sites on the internet. Everything is to always keep our smartphone safe.

Amazon Appstore

Amazon app store

The Amazon store has more than 200,000 applications and games

Amazon is much more than a store where you can find millions of products at the best price, since the company of the richest man in the world and whose phone was indeed hacked, also has an app store.

The Amazon Appstore is a great alternative to the Play Store since it not only has 240,000 applications and games, but also because usually offers great discounts and even free applications. It has our quality seal!



Sometimes downloading the APK is the only option to get an app

Little to add APKMirror that we do not know, surely the best place to find any application. It will not be as comfortable as the Play Store but one of the advantages of APKMirror is that of to be able to install the version that we want of a specific app. In other words, if a developer has added a function that we don’t like to version 1.5, all we have to do is download the Apk for version 1.4 and install it on our device.

In addition, ApkMirror has another advantage and that is that many times Updates come sooner on this website than on the Play Store itself so if you are one of those who cannot wait, APKMirror is your trusted site


Alphabetical order in the app drawer

Take risks when installing apps? Never!

When we analyzed the latest Huawei model, the P40, one of its negative points was the absence of Google services, that is, that among other features we couldn’t use the Play Store. It is true that there are methods to bypass these restrictions, but if we do not want to take any risk, it is best to install an alternative.

And Uptodown is surely the best option next to Play Store if we are looking for a repository full of applications, safe and always updated. The other “Play Store” is a must for any Android user regardless of whether it is Huawei or not. Many of the Andro4all editors use it often so it is one hundred percent recommended.

As far as we can check, there is no excuse to download applications and other tools on our Android phone from unknown sites. Luckily, the Play Store is not the only place where you can install applications, and apart from the ones mentioned above, there are more and more brands like Samsung or Huawei that even have their own exclusive application stores.

Take risks when installing apps? If you do it, it’s because you want to.

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