How to download multimedia on Telegram: Songs, series, movies …

There are two ways to download music or movies and series on Telegram: through automated bots who seek what we want or through channels where users post what they want to share with others, either because it is something of their own creation or as if they shared a video with you in a private group. With the difference that it is something public that everyone can join.

Telegram Downloads

  • It’s fast and you always have it at hand
  • There are bots for just about everything you can think of
  • You don’t have to install anything on the mobile phone
  • It is cross-platform and you can open it from the smartphone, the computer

Download bots

Telegram bots are programs that work within the application itself and have one purpose: to tell you what temperature it is, set an alarm, download something. And so you can download music, movies or series from the messaging application itself through specialized bots dedicated to this. These Telegram bots are automated applications they do not need installation: you “talk” to the bot as if it were someone else on Telegram and ask what you need. In most cases and if it is something of the theme it offers, it will show it to you.

How do they work

The process is the same in a Telegram bot, whatever you have chosen to download music or movies or series: you use the application’s search engine to find the bot you want, add it to your chat list, start and start giving the instructions or commands to use it or to download what you want. You can use them on your mobile or on your computer depending on where you want to download music, movies or series without leaving Telegram. And you can delete them whenever you want.

The process is:

  • Find the bot you want or use a link you found online
  • Tap “Start” when you have opened the conversation
  • Use the commands that indicates or touches you about the surveys
  • Follow the instructions
  • Delete the chat from the list when you don’t want to use it anymore

There is no one behind and it is an automated conversation, they are free and there is no limit to download bots you can have. You also don’t have to uninstall them. Just delete the chat from the Telegram list and it will disappear forever


Download channels

On the other hand, channels have become the favorite option for many users to download music, series or movies. These channels are groups where only one person (or several, named by the original person) can publish content. The others should only read or access the links that is on that channel.

It is like any other group that you have used before in WhatsApp or in any other messaging app, there is no limit of added users (there can be thousands and thousands) and the only difference with a conventional group is that you you have no right to write, only to see the messages that the creators put: be they links to download, photographs, etc. Yes, you can vote in the event that there are surveys to, for example, rate a series or video.

They are generally channels that have more than a thousand, two thousand, or even a hundred thousand adept members anonymously who can view all content. Also, you won’t be able to see who is the creator of that group nor of its telephone number because it will publish under the name of the channel. There is a 1.5 GB limit on each file that is shared making it enough space for them to share all kinds of content.

Telegram groups

They’re safe?

The Telegram application is completely secure and so are the bots or channels that we join. The problem is not in those chats or in those automated programs, but in that we will redirect to links to download something and those links are not checked, we cannot know if they are reliable or not and we would run the same risks than with direct download or with torrent download.

Is the best option?

It is probably not the most useful or comfortable or recommended for listening to music or watching series. Mainly because it’s about another form of piracy. But we are also facing something quite uncomfortable if you intend to use it frequently to see an entire season of a series or to download all your music. Compared to options such as Spotify or Netflix, it is something much more tedious and will require you to request things from the bot and download or access links of dubious reliability.

Yes it is useful in case you want to download a song to set as a ringtone in a timely manner, for example. Even if you use Spotify or Google Play Music, you may need these channels or Telegram bots to have a song for a video that you are going to use with photos, for example, or to set a ringtone or message tone, notifications. In those cases it can be interesting to use the Telegram bots that offer you the song you want in a matter of seconds.

Other channels and bots

Beyond those you can search to download music, series or movies, there are other useful channels or bots to have information about everything you want. For example, subscribing to series to be notified in case of a new notification. Either a channel to download song lyrics on your mobile or to download GIFs. They are complementary to the previous ones and can be very interesting and useful.


This bot allows you to subscribe to your favorite series and will automatically write to you when there is a new episode of the one you want. You just have to look it up in the telegram search engine and hit “start” and you will see a series of commands or instructions: you can add series by writing the name you want or see your subscriptions with / misseries. In / agenda you will see what is released in the next seven days and you will have a perfect control of everything you have to see pending.

Try MisSeriesBot on Telegram

MisSeries - Telegram Bots


An interesting option to complement download music on Telegram is LyricZBot that allows you to find the lyrics of the song you want whenever you need it. Just tell the song and if there are several groups with the same name it will show you options to choose from. You will automatically see the lyrics of that song as a chat and you can use it, copy it, read it, etc. You will not have to search websites specialized nor have anything else installed to do it.

Try LyricZBot on Telegram



This Telegram bot lets you know what are the premieres on Netflix of the last days if you want to know what are the series, movies or documentaries that come to the streaming platform if you do not know what to see and want to see everything new.

Try NetflixNewsBot on Telegram



Before choosing which series you want to watch or download movies on Telegram, IMDB is a very complete bot that allows see all the information about the content you want to download: cast, director, synopsis, rating, information and reviews. You can automatically receive in the app everything you need to know about it.

Try IMDB on Telegram


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