How to download YouTube videos from Telegram

We always use YouTube to watch all kinds of videos, but there are times when we need to go a little further and download them so that we can watch them offline, cut out a fragment or whatever else we may need. In those cases and surely you did not know, you can download YouTube videos on Telegram without any other specialized application for this task. It is useful and very fast.

What are bots?

Telegram bots are third party applications within the messaging application itself. They are not installed but are “invoked” by searching for them in the app itself. Once you have them, you can send them certain messages with instructions to do one thing or another.

It will depend on the bot that you install fulfill one or another functionFrom receiving notifications when a chapter opens, searching for song lyrics, requesting a specific GIF of something, or scheduling alerts. Each one has some instructions or a “command” that serves to give orders or use it, to activate it, etc.

Download YouTube videos

Among these Telegram bots we find one that allows you to download YouTube videos on Telegram without installing anything else on your mobile phone, any unreliable website with ads or applications of dubious reliability. It is quite simple and the procedure is similar in all: look for the bot, paste a link to YouTube, wait a while and you will download the file you need.

Upload URL

The first thing you will have to do is open Telegram and use the magnifying glass offered by the messaging app. Once in the search section you will have to write UploadURL v4.4.2 (or any other bot used for this function. Make sure it is exactly identical to the one you see in the screenshot or access through the UploadURL profile link. Once you have found it with the Telegram magnifying glass, tap on it and you will see that it tells you what that bot can do for you. In short, it can download files of up to 1.5 GB through a direct link and is compatible with multiple sites.

Press Start and a new message will appear, in English, indicating that you should send a direct link to the file you want. So you can download YouTube videos on Telegram. Now all you have to do is go to YouTube, copy the link you want and paste it into the open Telegram conversation. You will see all the available download options appear with resolution, quality and format. Choose the one that suits you or the one you want for your final video.

When you have chosen the resolution, you will see a message indicating that the file is being downloaded. After a few minutes, the file will appear. Click on the three points of the video and tap on “Save to gallery”. The video will go to the memory of your mobile phone and you can use it for whatever you need. Once you have downloaded the video, the Telegram bot will stay on your chat list like any other conversation and you can use it whenever you need.

Upload URL - Download YouTube videos from Telegram

Other download bots

YouTube Audio Bot is another of the most complete and allows you to download audio from YouTube videos if you need it for something. In addition, it is in Spanish and you can select the language when opening it. Any audio of any video that is on the platform, with the same procedure as all the previous ones: look for the bot in Telegram’s magnifying glass by typing YouTube Audio Bot and bUse the YouTube video link you need in audio. In a few seconds the video will recognize you and you will see the “Download” option along with information from the video such as time and megabytes. Press the download button, you will see that it processes for a few seconds (or minutes) and finally it will send you the link in audio format.


It is not the only bot to download YouTube videos on Telegram, although it is probably one of the most recommended, most complete and most reliable. But there are others. For example, @twittervid_bot is a bot with the same operation as the previous one but thought to download videos from Twitter by pasting the link. You will also find others for other social networks like @fb_videobot whose function is the same but intended to download videos you find on Facebook.

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