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How to duo on TikTok to record a video with a friend

How to duo on TikTok to record a video with a friend

Performing a duet on the TikTok platform is very simple, just follow this quick guide and you’re done.

The world of social networks is increasingly innovative, its features and benefits They range from being able to communicate with friends over long distances, to spending hours of entertainment watching or sharing creative content.

Thanks to informational media such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, it is possible to find out about the latest events, news, news … In addition, they are entertaining, fun and capable of brightening your day through photos, images, memes and videos.

One of the most popular platforms of the moment is TikTok, an application to create and share short videos (15-60 sec), where you can add special effects and filters in order to make a difference in the community.

Its benefits include the possibility of being able record videos with friends, being one of the functions with the greatest receptivity and acceptance by users. The idea is to take advantage of a friend’s content and take advantage of making a duo to complement recording in split screen.

If you are not sure how things are going, do not despair, we will show you how to duet on TikTok and thus increase the interaction and reactions of your followers.

How to duet on TikTok with an already recorded video

To begin, it is important to clarify that before starting a duet you must make sure that your friend has the function enabled. This will depend on the account privacy settings, especially in the security part where you can control who can duo with your videos.

In your case, make sure you have it active, especially if you want others to do duets with you. For that, follow these steps:

  • Enter the app TikTok, from your cell phone.
  • Da touch on the person icon, located at the bottom right of the home screen.
  • Then press the three vertical points, located in the upper right part of your user profile.
How to duet on TikTok with an already recorded video

Learn How To Duet On TikTok With Another Person

  • Several options will appear. Press “Privacy & Security”.
  • Check that the option “Who can make a duet with your videos” is active for “Everyone” and ready.
How to duo on TikTok with a video with another person

Verify that your partner has enabled the settings to make duo videos

Now for record a video with a friend on TikTok, follow the steps shown below …

Steps to make and post duets on TikTok

  • Access the application TikTok, from your mobile. If you don’t have it yet, download it for free for Android and iOS.
  • Choose the video of your friend with which you want to do a duet. The video should not exceed 15 seconds.
  • Select the video and press the icon arrow pointing right, located at the end of the video side menu.
Steps to make and post duets on TikTok

Log in to “TikTok” and find the video of the person you want to record a duet with

  • Several options will appear. Press the icon of two faces or circular faces identified as “duo”.
  • It will begin to process the video, the time will depend on your cell phone.
  • Then the screen divided into two equal parts. In the right part you will see the video of the other person and in the left part the screen with your camera to record the reaction to the content, logically accompanied by the edit menu for effects and filters.
  • When you’re ready, select the red button to start recording. At the top it will indicate a timeline of the video duration in blue, the idea is that both are similar in time.
Steps to record and post duets on TikTok

Look for the option “share” and start to process the video

  • At the end, it’s time to make the final touches to your part of the video, add texts, emojies, stickers or modify privacy options before publishing and that’s it.
Steps to post duets on TikTok

After completing these steps, start recording with split screen and then publish in your feed

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As you will see, the procedure for record a video with a friend as a duet It is very easy and in a matter of minutes you will have the content available on your profile.

This is just one trick of the many that your Android hides, discover them all in our special Cheats section!

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