How to email books to your eBook

This trick not compatible with all eReaders on the market And the first thing you will have to see is if yours has an email associated. In this case, we explain how to configure the email account on an Amazon Kindle but also how to add books to your Kobo reader in case this is the brand.

Why is it useful? We can send any document we have, from a book written by us that we want to review and self-publish or simply a working document that we will read better on the ereader screen than on the screen of our iPad or tablet, thanks to electronic ink. Whatever the reason you have, we explain how you can do it step by step.

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Set up your email account

If you have a Kindle you can do it through the Amazon page. One of the advantages of the Amazon ereader is that it allows us to send documents to the Kindle library through the email address you assign in Kindle Personal Document Service. You can authorize from which emails content is allowed to be sent and it is compatible with different formats. It is a simple and recommended way to send the books to the device without the need for a cable or having a program to transfer them at that time. For example, if they lend us one that we want to read at a specific time, etc.

Formats it allows

The formats supported by the Kindle Personal Document Service are:

  • Kindle format (.MOBI, .AZW)
  • Microsoft Word (.DOC, .DOCX)
  • HTML (.HTML, .HTM)
  • RTF (.RTF)
  • Text (.TXT)
  • JPEG (.JPEG, .JPG)
  • GIF (.GIF)
  • PNG (.PNG)
  • BMP (.BMP)
  • PDF (.PDF)


We must bear in mind that there are a number of factors for use the Kindle Personal Document Service– There is an address to send them to to sync automatically, but the person sending the email to you must be authorized from Amazon settings. You can authorize a maximum of 15 different email addresses associated with the Kindle Document Service.

There are other requirements that you must meet:

  • Maximum we can send up to 25 documents in the same email
  • We can send from a maximum of 15 different addresses previously authorized and that we have registered from our Amazon settings.
  • We can send a total size of 50 MB or less and you can compress in ZIP thanks to the fact that the conversion service automatically changes from ZIP format to Kindle format so you can read the documents on the device.

Authorized addresses

The first thing you will have to do is add the person’s email address from which you want to receive documents. Usually, you can add your own email in case you need to send something remotely, etc. You will have to follow a few steps from the Amazon website or the mobile application:

  • Open your Amazon account with email and password
  • Go to the upper right corner and tap on “Account and lists”
  • In the drop-down menu choose the option “Manage my apps and devices”
  • Tap on “Preferences” at the top of the page, in the menu
  • Here, look for the section “Configuration of personal documents”
  • Open this section to manage the accepted emails
  • Go to “List of email addresses authorized to send personal documents”
  • Click on “Add a new authorized email address”
  • Write the email addresses you want (maximum 15)

Add email

From those addresses they can already send you emails. Also from this section you can choose how you want it to be your email address to send to the Kindle. That is, a kind of specific email account to which they can send emails and they will automatically be synchronized with the Amazon device.

If you want to change your Kindle email settings follow the previous steps until you reach “Configuration of personal documents” Here choose the option “E-mail settings for sending to the Kindle” and tap on “Edit”. You can change it and put what you want using a combination of capital letters, lowercase letters and numbers that will be followed by @ Use a combination that you will remember although you can always go to the Amazon settings to consult it.

Add Kindle address to email books

Send books by email

Once you have authorized the accounts, they can send emails from them. We will simply have to follow a few simple steps:

  • Add the sender’s email address (following the previous steps)
  • Check that the type of file of the document is compatible (and that corresponds to one of the types that are in the list of the previous paragraphs)
  • Attach the document to the email that you are going to send
  • Send it
  • Make sure your Kindle device is connected to the internet so you can synchronize with the new document you have received through the mail.

Up to sixty days later, this document delivery can be made at the time you connect it to the Internet through WiFi or 4G if you have it.

Through Caliber

To send books by email through Caliber you will need to follow one of the previous steps. The first thing we have to know is what is the email address to which we should send them and that we have previously written. We must also configure our email as authorized mail for this shipment.

Remember that the steps are:

  • Open Amazon
  • Go to Manage my apps and devices
  • Look for the section Personal document settings ”
  • Open to manage the emails from which to send content
  • Tap on “List of authorized email addresses …:”
  • Add a new authorized email address
  • Write the email addresses you want

Once you have it, you will have to install Caliber. Caliber allows us to change the format of any electronic book or document we have to convert it into a format that is compatible with the Amazon reader. For example, to turn into.MOBI the EPUB files in which we can normally download the electronic books. Caliber is free and you can download it from its website.

Set Caliber

When you are installing Caliber, you can configure the Kindle email and the email from which the books will be sent via email.

  • Download the application from the Caliber website
  • Choose the location for the library books
  • Tap Next to continue with the installation
  • Choose the type of device you have
    • Check the Amazon option
    • Choose the Kindle model you have
      • Kindle Basic
      • Kindle DX
      • Kindle Fire and Fire HD models
      • Kindle Paperwhite
      • Kindle Voyage / Oasis models
    • Tap Next
    • A window will open where you can write your emails
      • Write your Kindle email
      • Write the email from which you will send the books
    • Confirm with “Next ·
    • Complete the installation in “Finish”

Set up Caliber to email books

When Caliber is configured, we can send the books from the interface itself and it will be enough to upload the document you want to the program you have downloaded, change the format if necessary and tap on “Connect and share”. You will see a pop-up menu with the address you just registered and you only have to tap on this option so that it is automatically sent to it.

One of the advantages of sending books by email by Caliber is that you can add multiple email addresses to send to more than one different user. If, for example, you have two ereaders or want to send documents to your child’s, etc. As long as you have previously configured the authorized address from the Amazon settings. To send it to another, follow these steps:

  • Open Caliber
  • Tap on “Connect and share”
  • Choose “Email to …”
  • Select the option “Select recipients”
  • Mark “Add recipient”
  • Enter the email address, a nickname and the device format
  • Confirm to accept

Now you can choose the recipient when you send a book by Caliber.

Email books to Kindle from Caliber

Other ereaders

Although emailing books to the Kindle is a convenient and convenient option, it is not the only one. For example, the Kobo eReader allows us to synchronize it with Dropbox to upload the files here and have them automatically transferred. You can link three devices to the same Dropbox account and you can use one that you already have, it is not necessary to make a new Dropbox account for this purpose.

When you have it, you will have to synchronize it with the Kobo model you have:

  • Open your eReader
  • On the home screen, go to the menu button
  • Tap Settings to access all the options
  • Go to “Accounts” to manage it
  • Search for “Dropbox”
  • Tap on Start
  • You will see a code linked to your book reader appear
  • Go to the website and enter this code
  • Sign in with your Dropbox account
  • Give your eReader permission to access your account
  • I’d already be linked


Once linked, simply add documents to a folder you’ve created in Dropbox as long as they’re compatible. Log in to your Dropbox account, open the Applications folder and here Open the Rakuten Kobo folder. Inside you can drop all the documents you want from the computer. When you have them, sync the eReader. It is necessary to be connected to a WiFi network so that it can show the books in your reader.

The Kobo eReader is compatible with books EPUB, EPUB3, PDF, FlePub, MOBI, PDF; with JPEG, GIF, PNG, BMP and TIFF image formats; with TXT, HTML, RTF or CBS and CBR comic book formats.

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