How to enable adaptive performance on a Motorola


The firm has launched numerous new mobiles in recent months, including those that are undoubtedly the most prominent mobiles in its range, always leaving aside the only Razr, such as the Motorola Edge. Phones that not only have great hardware, but also software that has released a multitude of new functionalities, including to improve the performance.

With the functionality that we describe today for Motorola mobiles we can access a significant improvement in performance, and all this also thanks to the artificial intelligence that is the basis of this entire process.

How can you improve the performance of your Motorola?

Some of the most downloaded apps from mobile app stores are those that promise to improve phone performance in a jiffy, simply by pressing on a button. These promise performance improvements basically by closing all background processes and freeing up RAM in use of the phone. In the case of Motorola, we can access a performance improvement mode that is also based on artificial intelligence. This function that Motorola mobiles with Android 10 have added, at least the majority, is called «Adaptive performance«.

motorola one vision

This functionality is also based in some way on those others that we have mentioned, and that improve the use of RAM memory by freeing it of many processes. The key to this functionality is that relies on artificial intelligence to always deliver the best possible performance, and most importantly, the highest RAM efficiency. This is achieved thanks to the fact that artificial intelligence is capable of predict our usage patterns of the different apps, always adapting the performance of the terminal so that the use of that app is as efficient as possible. Therefore your Motorola can predict when you will open an app to adapt the general performance to its use.

Here’s how you can enable adaptive performance

It is very easy to activate this functionality of Motorola mobiles, it also does not need to settings additional. For this, what we must do is the following:

  • Enter the settings of your Motorola
  • Click on the search bar at the top
  • Write “Adaptive Performance”
  • Click on the option in the results
  • Activate the function by clicking on the slider

Once we have activated this functionality, we should notice an improvement in the phone’s performance, due to the better optimization of the RAM of this.

motorola performance

This in turn could mean that the background processes of your Motorola do not always remain active, as the system itself closes them in order to have the largest amount of memory at our disposal when the system knows that we are going to run an app.

Written by Jorge Sanz

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