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How to enable or disable Google Discover on Android

How to enable or disable Google Discover on Android

Google Discover has already become an essential element on Android. Thanks to this section of the Google application we have access to news that is of interest to us, thanks to the fact that we can select which topics or media we are interested in seeing. In addition to consulting weather information also from this section.

Although this is a useful section, many users on Android do not want to use Google Discover. Luckily, there is the possibility to enable or disable this section on the phone. Whatever your preference, you can adjust this on the phone for better use.

Turn Google Discover on or off

Google Discover is something that comes in most Android phones, which may also depend on the personalization layer of it. Enough with swipe phone home screen left to access this section, where we see news or weather. A comfortable option that some may not want to use on their phones. Or there may be users who have the option to use it, but have not activated it.

Proceed with both activation and deactivation It is possible in the settings of the Google application. The steps to follow to perform any of the two actions are the same, so you will not have problems in any case. The steps to follow are those:

  1. Open the Google app
  2. Click on More.
  3. Go to the Settings section.
  4. Enter General.
  5. Look for the section called Discover.
  6. Deactivate or Activate the switch (depending on the desired).

With these steps we already have Google Discover enabled or disabled on the phone. If it has been disabled, you will no longer have that section on the phone when you slide the phone screen to the left. It will not be possible to slide, so there is nothing. In case you change your mind, you just have to do the same steps.

How to use it in the best way

Google Discover customize themes

There are users who bet to deactivate Google Discover on their phones because they do not see that it is something that can be taken advantage of. Luckily, there are ways to customize it, as we already showed you for give it a much better use on our phone. Since it can be a very useful tool, if we use it correctly:

  • Set your interests: So that you can see those topics that are of interest to you, in the settings you can set topics or interests of yours, so that this is taken into account when displaying those contents.
  • Show news of a topic: If you come across news on a topic that you like, at Google Discover you can ask to see more news on that topic or medium, so that it is better suited to your tastes.
  • Goodbye to fake news: Another aspect where there is a lot of work and has been improved is in the selection of media and news. If it bothered you to find too much false news or of doubtful origin, you can report this content, so that it will be removed.

These kinds of adjustments will allow make good use of Google Discover on Android, which could help that many do not deactivate this section so they can take advantage of this section on their phones.

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