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How to enable the new start menu in Windows 10 2004

How to enable the new start menu in Windows 10 2004

There are countless articles that we have dedicated to the Windows start menu, an important component that by now should be completely resolved, but which Microsoft is still thinking about. Was it so difficult to move the menu from Windows 7 to Windows 10 with a modern design and icons …?

Microsoft has a new design inspired by the one that will offer the future Windows 10X. Microsoft included it in the Insider version of Windows 10, build 20161, but only giving access to a portion of testers. We already offered you the way to enable it in that test compilation with a third-party tool and now we have the possibility to activate it in the latest stable version.

With this we will get a start menu design in Windows 10 2004 cleaner, modern, attractive, integrated with the rest of the interface under the language Fluent Design that Microsoft is using throughout the system, with a uniform and partially transparent background for the tiles and with the possibility of disabling the «Live Tiles» transforming them into static icons also of new design and that we saw in this article.

new Windows 10 start menu

New Start Menu in Windows 10 2004

To activate the new menu you need to be running the latest stable version of Windows 10 (build 19041 or higher) and install an optional cumulative update. The components of this update will be part of Windows 10 20H2, the next version of the system that will be released in the fall and will again be a “Service Pack” more focused on stability and error correction.

Activation also needs to make registry changes. It is tested and there should be no problems, but just in case, make a copy of it or better create a restore point In case something goes wrong, you can revert the system to a correct state. From here it is done as follows:

– Install optional update KB4568831

There are two ways to do it. The first is by accessing the menu Settings> Update and security> Windows Update> See optional updates. Pull down the “Other Updates” menu and you will see the update. Download and install.

Start menu in Windows 10 2004

The second method is by downloading the update from the Microsoft Update Catalog. KB4568831 is available in 32-bit and 64-bit versions. Select the one that corresponds to your system, download and install.

– Registry

The new menu will already be installed on your system, but it will still be hidden. To activate it

  • Open notepad, copy and paste the following lines:

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00
[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESYSTEMCurrentControlSetControlFeatureManagementOverrides2093230218]“EnabledState” = dword: 00000002
“EnabledStateOptions” = dword: 00000000

  • Save the file and rename the extension to .reg
  • Run the file to apply the registry changes
  • Restart the computer

Start menu in Windows 10 2004

You should already have the new start menu active in Windows 10 2004. The update also adds other features such as a new Alt-Tab experience (which includes Microsoft Edge tabs) and new icons for folders.

It is expected that the new menu will be included by default in the next stable version Windows 10 20H2, as we said, a minor edition that will bet on stability above all, but that will have new features such as these.

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