How to enter a private Telegram channel: Invitation and links

Whether you have a private Telegram channel for your subject group at a remote university, for example, or to receive instructions from the football team coach or to read information about your children’s school or after-school activities without each give your opinion. In these cases, channels are the best option and you can receive all messages without other users talking about something that has nothing to do with it and you end up missing what really matters, as is usually the case on WhatsApp.

Difference between channel and Telegram group

The difference between a Telegram channel and a group is the possibility of feedback or interaction of the different members of it. In a channel there is a creator who has full power and who can appoint administrators who will have some permissions: they will be able to remove members or broadcast messages or remove them. Nothing else. The rest of the people on the channel will not be able to do anything except read. And there is no maximum number of people: there can be unlimited users on the Telegram channel.

The difference regarding the group is the power that you are going to have with respect to the channels: you will be able to write, communicate, send photographs or audios, etc. Channels have subscribers and groups have members. Groups do have limitations although it will be difficult for you to overcome: 200,000 people in each group of Telegram. They are designed to talk to friends, family or coworkers, but there are also public groups that allow us to access any subject group of the faculty, for example. In these groups there is an administrator who controls the preferences but you can also write yourself.

Public and private channels

Once it has become clear to us what difference there is between public and channels, the differences between public and private channels must be clarified. In both the operation is the same and there is a creator who can do whatever he wants: add members, remove members, choose information (photograph, name, link) or spread messages or add administrators. Or remove it, in case you want it. But there may be private channels that you can only access by invitation or public channels that you will normally find on the Internet with a link where you just have to click to be redirected to Telegram and you agree to be part of it.

You can find public channels through the application search engine. Just use the magnifying glass to search for any topic that interests you (specific video games, dogs, cats, series, books …) and the available channels that you can join will appear, as you can see in the following screenshot. On private channels you will not be able to do this. You will not be able to search for any topic, find the one you like and join because they will not appear in the searches. In these cases you must be added by the creator or access via an invitation link that has been sent exclusively for you.

Telegram groups

Enter private channels

The channels have the possibility of having unlimited members. But the creator of the channel can only add the first 200 members. What does this mean? That if someone you know has created a private Telegram channel, they will be able to add a maximum of 200 people to their agenda to be part of it. The rest you will not be able to invite them in this way but you will have to do it through a link. If you want to invite someone in the same way that you invite WhatsApp groups, the creator of the channel can remove members who are in it and add new ones. But keep in mind that the maximum is 200 people personally invited per channel. By other methods, as many as you want or as you want to allow can be added.


As we say, the creator of the channel can invite you to be part of it adding you if you are among their contacts and as long as they are the first 200 members that person adds. If not, you won’t be able to. This will only be possible if that person has your phone number in the phonebook and wants to add you. It is the fastest option although you will depend exclusively on the creator and that it has not already entered 200 people. So it can be more uncomfortable than links.

In addition, another feature must be met: you must have the privacy settings of the application configured so that you have allowed other people to add you to groups or channels. If the person is among your contacts, they can do so, in most cases and as long as you have not marked them as an exception. If it is not among your contacts, you must have the permission configured to add you. To do this, follow these steps:

  • Go to the three lines in the upper left corner of Telegram
  • Tap on “Settings”
  • Go to the section “Privacy and security”
  • Look for the option “Groups and channels”
  • Tap on it to open options and settings
  • Choose who can add you to groups or channels:

Groups - Telegram privacy settings

Links to join

Another option, and the most common, is to use links to join a private Telegram channel. It will not add a person to the channel, but you will be able to access a link where by clicking you will enter directly. How is it different from public and private links? Public channels, as we have explained, are found through the search engine. Private ones do not. This link normally you will receive it privately: they can send it to you by WhatsApp, by email, put it in a closed chat (that of your class, that of the football team or if you have paid a subscription) and can only be sent to you by the creator of said channel. Once you tap on it, you will get to the private Telegram channel and receive the messages. You need to be added through this invitation link and you will not be able to enter.

When can this be effective? For example, as we say, the link to join private Telegram channels you can get in exchange for paying a subscription to a service or communication medium, for example. Or by signing up for a gym or sports center that will give you access to different exercises and routines in exchange for your monthly payment and as a supplement to training in it. There are many occasions where a private Telegram channel serves as an addition to the advantages of being a customer of something. You will have extra information.

Create a private channel

You can create your own Telegram channel if you want to try all of the above.

  • Open your Telegram app
  • Tap on the pencil icon in the chat list
  • Tap on “New Channel”
  • Choose the channel name
  • Write a description
  • Choose a photo for the channel
  • Click on the tick in the upper right corner
  • Choose the channel type
    • Public channel
    • Private channel
  • Write the permalink that you want it to have (it will be created automatically if it is a private channel and you will not be able to customize it)
  • Add contacts to your channel from your agenda

Create private Telegram channel

Appoint administrators

Not only you can publish and appoint administrators on a private Telegram channel, it is comfortable if you need some help to give information (especially on large channels such as the media, for example) so you can appoint administrators once the group is created and have followed those previous steps. You can create as many as you want and they will not have as many permissions or possibilities but they will be able to publish messages or delete them.

  • Go to the channel you just created
  • Tap on the name to open the channel information
  • Go to the “Administrators” section
  • Click on the option “Add administrator”
  • The full list of channel members will open
  • Tap on the one you want to name administrator

private channel of Telegram

Features to consider

When you send a message, you will see an eye icon in each of the messages. This icon is a visit counter. Every post you make has this counter and you can see how many people have arrived or how many have read it, approximately. Also, if that message has been forwarded it will also be added.

Private Telegram channel - Test

Another thing to keep in mind is that you can’t know who sent a message on the private or public Telegram channel. The creator and administrators can send messages but the people in the channel will not know who it was because it will always be published under the name of the channel.

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