How to fix a blurred photo from the mobile in an easy way

How to fix a blurred photo from the mobile in an easy way

We do not stop taking pictures wherever we go. Not capturing each one of the moments lived throughout the day generates a tremendous existential void that we can only fix immortalizing that moment with our mobile camera.

And as good as our cameras are, sometimes it is inevitable that some image is somewhat blurred or out of focus, which can be a real nuisance if we did not have a spare.

And what can we do? Well, very easy, resort to one of the many online tools available to solve this type of need. From your PC and with the search engine, you can find countless programs to download or online applications to edit photos as if you were professionals.

But today we are not going to use the PC, but we are going to tell you how fix these images from your own mobile. How? Below we discuss it.


Movavi (app)

We will start with download the Movavi application for Android or iOS, since this tool is the one that will help us fix all those photos that have become blurred or out of focus through its multiple functions for retouching images.

Once downloaded to our mobile device, we will show step by step how to retouch the image:

  • From the main screen click on the bottom button with the + symbol to add the image.
  • From there will show all photo albums available on your Smartphone, we simply search for the image we want to edit.
  • Once selected, we go to the “Sharpness” option located on the right altogether. You just have to slide your finger.
  • Within this option, we will adjust the sharpness of the image in a scale from 0 to 100 until we find the result we expect.
  • When the image is fully fixed, the next thing to do is click on ‘Save’, in the upper right part of the screen.

Keep in mind that the sharpness settings with Movavi are somewhat tenuous, although you can always go back to the already edited image, to adjust the sharpness again.

pixlr (web)

The second option does not require that we install any app that takes up space in our memory. All you have to do is access the website from any browser. This free online photo editor It has two options to edit your images: Pixlr E and Pixlr X.

In our case we are going to choose the second option, Pixlr E. This is what you have to do to correct your image:

  • We open new image from our own folder, and select the desired image.
  • Next, we go to the “Filter” option in the top menu. We get the words a little wrong, but they can be identified well.
  • Inside “Filter”, it will be where we can refine the sharpness of our image in the “Details” dropdown, thanks to the “Refine” function. With this tool, we will be able to adjust the sharpness on a scale from 0 to 100.
  • When we have found the right value to correct your image, there is only “Save” the image back to our device.

With these two useful tools you will have more than enough resources to edit any blurred image that you have saved and you want to give it a facelift. Although they do not work miracles, they can help us fine-tune those photographs that need some revision, however slight.

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