How to fix battery problems on Sony mobiles


It is no coincidence, that while our mobile offers a two-year warranty, many manufacturers only offer six months on the battery. It is an element whose degradation is often linked to good or bad use that we give it. However, any battery can start to give problems no matter how new it is or if we treat it. Let’s take a look to find out how to fix those faults that the battery can give on Sony mobiles.

There are several problems derived from the battery, whose consequences are manifested in different ways. Therefore, the solutions can be equally varied. In most cases we will be able to solve the problem, but if it is not, we should consider paying a visit to the Sony Technical Service.

Before you begin: battery diagnosis

Luckily, Sony has its own diagnostic tool. Is about Xperia Diagnostics, an app that comes pre-installed on the Japanese company’s mobiles and that allows diagnosing hardware problems. If the diagnostic option is not available in Settings> About mobile, or in the “Tools” menu of the assistance application, we can download the application from Google Play.

I diagnose sony battery

This method will allow us know if the battery has a problem. The application will be able to make an analysis and will offer us recommendations in the event that it is necessary to make any adjustments to improve its performance.

The battery life is very short on your Sony mobile

It is one of the most common problems. However, far from being a hardware problem, the battery may be being subjected to excess energy expenditure that can cause it to run out prematurely. This becomes more accentuated as our terminal has more applications installed that consume resources in the background. However, there are other possible reasons and solutions to this problem.

Activate smart backlight

This smart mode saves battery power as the screen will only turn on when needed. This “smart backlight” controls the screen lighting automatically based on how we are using the phone. In this way the terminal detects if we have it in our hands or not. To activate it we will have to enter into the settings of our Sony Xperia and click on the screen settings. Once inside we tap on “smart backlight” and slide the bar to activate the function.

Stamina and Ultra Stamina mode

Sony has one of the best energy savings on the market. Activating Stamina Mode will restrict or disable different features to achieve a more adequate battery life. This controls improved performance, animation, and screen brightness, image enhancement, background app data sync, vibration (except for incoming calls), streaming, and GPS while the screen is off. Once activated, the Stamina Mode icon will appear in the status bar. To activate it, we go to Settings / Battery / Stamina Mode / Intelligent Stamina Notification and then press the switch to enable the function.

stamina mode sony

Also, Sony offers a more extreme method called Ultra Stamina mode. Activating it we make the battery last much longer, but available applications are limited and mobile data and Wi-Fi connection are disabled. The mode can be activated from Settings / Battery / Ultra Stamina Mode and click on accept.

Calibrate the battery

It is one of the most effective and classic solutions to try to return the battery life to normal. To start it we will have to turn off the mobile to close all the active processes of the system. Then we turn it on again and charge it to 100% of its capacity. Once done we will have to leave it connected for one more hour. When we’re done we should notice an improvement in your performance and it won’t download as fast.

Other aspects to consider

Apart from the tools offered by the mobile itself, We must bear in mind that if we neglect some elements of our Sony, the battery will discharge before desired. So we must be careful and attend to the following aspects.

  • Turn off the device screen whenever it is not being used, without waiting for the screen timeout
  • Minimize screen timeout from screen settings
  • Close all unnecessary applications.
  • Disable connections like Bluetooth, GPS or NFC when not in use.
  • Turn off automatic syncing of apps
  • Lower the screen brightness manually

Sony battery does not charge

This problem is somewhat more worrisome, since cWe have a limited time to try to solve it with the mobile on, before we run out of power. Luckily we can do several checks to try to recharge the battery again.

Check charging power

We can do this from an application like Accubattery. It is the best way to see in real time what happens when our battery is charging. In this way we will have accurate information to see the load power or if it is totally null. It is also useful for those fast charging Sony terminals that we suspect are not working at full capacity.

accubattery charge

Download Accubattery on Google Play

Check cable and charger

When the mobile does not charge, two of the maximum suspects are usually both the charging cable and the adapter of our mobile. The solution is to test, by changing the cable first, and then the charger, or by testing a completely different set of cable and charger. It is also highly recommended cchange load taking or change position in case you are using a power strip with several shots. We must also make sure that we are using an original Sony charger, since many charging problems come from third-party chargers.

Crgdor Quick Charger UCH10 for Sony Xperia Z3 +

It can be the loading port

The USB charging port of our mobile phone suffers constantly and over time it can move and lose efficiency in charging or stop charging. If we’re lucky, it may have shifted slightly. An effective solution that sometimes saves the visit to the Technical Service, is to introduce a fine element such as a pin through the USB port, to try to straighten it again. When we think it’s already in place again, we will test the load again to see if the problem has disappeared.

Beware of apps

At other times it is an application that may be interfering with the loading process. Generally it may be due to malicious apps or the poor compatibility of some software with our Sony mobile, which cause it to consume more energy than that generated in the load. To get rid of doubts we must go to the battery settings and check if any app is consuming too many milliamps. If so, the ideal is to delete the app and check if the mobile charges again.

sony xperia playing

It gets too hot

This is a problem that, if not solved immediately, could generate a serious operating problem, affecting both the battery itself and other hardware and the processor. A little heat is normal, but excessive heat can be dangerous even for our own safety. If after the advice that we leave you below, you continue to notice that your Sony’s battery generates excessive heat, the correct thing to do is turn off the device and have it checked by a specialist technician.

  • Don’t play while it’s charging
  • Keep it away from direct heat
  • Close all apps in the background
  • Use only the original Sony charger
  • Turn off the phone and let it rest for at least 15 minutes

Written by David Girao

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