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Most of the problems suffered by our Xiaomi mobile can be solved from the phone’s own settings and tools. Unless it is a hardware problem that affects its normal operation, any software failure is solvable by ourselves. But what happens when our Xiaomi restarts non-stop and we can’t access the system?

In principle there is nothing to fear. Although it may seem like a more serious problem, your solution can be as much in our grasp as solutions to fix battery problems. In this case we are before called “boot loops” or constant restarts, this means that our mobile will enter an infinite cycle of power on and restarts.

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How to end reboots on Xiaomi

Enter Safe Mode

It is one of the methods that can best solve the problem. For this we will press the volume button down when the Xiaomi logo appears and we will keep it pressed for at least 6 seconds. If the system starts in safe mode, we may be able to restart the mobile and return to normal operation.

Entering Recovery Mode

In this case we will have to press the power buttons and turn down the volume. Once done we will enter the recovery menu. To manage this menu we will have to use the power buttons and the power button to confirm. The goal is to go testing options to try to fix the problem.

xiaomi recovery mode

  • Reboot System Now: we will click on this option to try to restart the phone normally and see if the system starts again normally.
  • Wipe cache partition– The goal is to clear the system cache to try to get corrupted system files to interfere with system startup.
  • Wipedata / Factory Reset: Ultimately, returning the terminal to factory settings should fix the problem.

User solutions

The forums and help channels are full of solutions that to a greater or lesser extent have resulted in users solving the problem. constant restarts problem.

  • Deplete the battery: Let the battery drain completely. Charge the terminal and turn it on normally
  • Press the power button– The method is to repeatedly press the power button until the restarts stop and the system boots normally.

buttons restore hard reset xiaomi

Install another ROM

This may be the option that finally fix the problem when all else fails. It is true that it is better to have some knowledge and previous experience by flashing the terminal, but anyone with much touch can solve the restart problems with the My Flash tool to install Roms.

Go to the Technical Service

If the mobile is under warranty, it is best to go to the Technical Service before major damage occurs. A specialist technician has tools to return the mobile as new in a few minutes. However, if the failures are derived from our malpractice with the terminal, we could have coverage problems of said guarantee.

Written by David Girao

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