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How to fix camera problems on realme phones

by Tejas Dhawan


The camera is an element that we use every day. That is why when problems begin to occur, they can weigh heavily on our experience. Luckily, on many occasions, these problems have to do with the very use that we give to the terminal, so the solution is usually at hand. Let’s see the most common problems with the camera on realme phonesHow can we fix them ourselves.

There are many variables that can encompass a problem with our mobile camera. The camera app may not even open, which the photos are not of the desired quality or are blurred. For all these broken and ripped, we have needle and thread to spare. Logically, if nothing that you will read below works, it is possible that we are facing a hardware problem that requires the hand of a specialist technician to detect the error and offer us the solution.

The camera does not open or close

It is an extreme case, since it prevents the application works correctly and prevent us from taking photos and recording videos. We will have to try to find the solution with some basic measures.

Restart the mobile

Hold down the power button and click on restart. Many times, there is another app blocking the camera and it is the cause that it cannot start. When our realm starts again, we will see that the problem has disappeared.

restart mobile

Clear the camera cache

It is a good measure to make everything work as before. The data accumulated in the camera cache, they can corrupt the application over time. In this case we will have to go to Settings / Application Manager and look for “Camera”. Once inside, click on “delete data and cache”. The last step is to restart the mobile and try to open the application again.

Try a third-party app

There are hundreds of camera apps on Google Play. More than recommending one to take better photos (which will come later) downloading an alternative will allow us check if the problem is from the application itself native or there is a hardware problem. In the link that we leave below you can download and test with another application.

camera apps google play

Download camera apps on Google Play

The photos are blurred

In this case, and although let’s have several sensors in our realme, the end result will be a blurred photo. It is a frustrating thing that can have various explanations.

Clean the lenses

This is one of the most common causes, which explain why photos start to blur. Let’s not forget that all realme phones have at least three cameras. The lenses of mobile phones are easily dirty by our fingers or even when carried in the pocket and therefore their maintenance is essential to always achieve the best results. In this case, the ideal is to clean the lenses with a soft dry cloth. The chamois to clean the glasses are usually worth perfectly, since they do not leave micro-fibers that can affect the photo. Once clean, we will try again to take the photo.

realme 5i green

Tap the screen again

It is not something new that many users leave their finger pressed on the screen. This causes focus to lock and the photos are blurred. To automatically refocus we must tap on the screen, pressing on the object that we want to focus on.

Macro lens activated?

Many realme mobiles integrate a macro lens, dedicated to close-up shots. This means that if we want to take a photo with depth of field, the result is too blurry. To deactivate it we will have to go to the camera modes and deactivate the Macro mode.

realme macro

The photos have no quality

In this case, there are also several factors that may depend on the use we are making of the camera. also can due to an error with the camera that we will be able to identify thanks to the tools integrated in our own mobile.

Finding bugs

To find out if there is a problem with the camera that prevents its correct operation, we can do it from the hardware testing available in the Phone Manager. Inside, we can carry out a complete examination or mark those areas such as the camera, on which we have suspicions of malfunction. The application will guide us step by step to carry out each test and will offer us a solution in case of finding anomalies.

Oppo problems detection 01

Update mobile

To have pending updates on mobile is common. This is a serious mistake, as many of these updates are patches that fix known bugs, many of them camera related. For this we will have to go to Settings / System / System Updates. If we have any pending, we must update immediately and check later if the problem has disappeared.

Download the GCAM

GCam has been the salvation of many users for years. It’s about personal taste, but sometimes it improves by more than the manufacturers’ native camera. In this case, we will only have to download some of the versions of the apk compatible with realme mobiles and test if the quality improves. We must remember that to install an apk outside of Google Play, we will have to activate the installation from unknown sources, within the Security Settings of our mobile.

gcam icon

Download GCam for mobile realme

Reset to factory settings

The last solution, before thinking about making an appointment with the Realme Technical Service, should be reset your mobile to factory settings. For this, we must save before the data that we consider important as the photos. Then we go to Settings / Additional Settings / Return to factory settings. The terminal will take a few minutes to complete the process. Once done, it is very possible that the camera app works correctly.

Written by David Girao

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