How to fix coverage problems on Motorola mobiles


The number of functions that mobiles have makes us find ourselves with many problems, but without a doubt one of the most worrisome is when we run out of coverage. In the Motorola mobiles The problem with coverage can appear both when it is new or when we already have it for a while and to try to fix it we will give you keys, tools and recommendations to follow.

Any Motorola model can be affected by this problem with coverage before which we have a lot to do, but above all it is important that we use common sense. Sometimes we throw our hands to the head and it is only a specific failure. We recommend you start by consulting the mistakes you think you have but also knowing the rest, the one you least imagine could end up being what you need.

We have lost the signal on the Motorola mobile

At a specific moment and without having apparently done anything on our Motorola mobile we can run out of coverage. This error leaves us incommunicado and makes our mobile practically useless no matter how hard we try to fix it, although with these solutions you can reconnect.

Restart and remove the SIM card

The first thing we should try is to restart the mobile, the most classic solution is still effective in many cases. If we are not lucky, the next thing will be to remove the SIM card, blow to remove dirt and put it back correctly, for a small blow it could have moved.

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Reset network on Motorola

If the above has not taken effect, we can reset the APN configuration of our mobile, although later we will have to repeat the steps indicated by our operator to recover coverage. To complete that we will go to Settings> System> Advanced> Reset options, finally we will touch on Reset Wi-Fi, Mobile data and Bluetooth> Reset settings.

Coverage is poor or very poor

Another one of the coverage problems at Motorola that we find can be detected because the coverage is constant but never at a level good enough to make calls without cuts or to navigate at full speed.

Diagnosing Motorola problems

The best we can do in this case is to resort to the Motorola diagnostic tool that allows us, among other things, to find hardware failures. To complete we have to enter Moto Help and we will be shown a tab with various tests, we will choose mobile network and we will complete the test. Once completed, we will be able to know if it is a fault that only affects us and we need to assist technical service.

Motorola diagnostic test

The case may be the problem

Many times we are stumbling in search of the solution, when all we have to do is remove the case. There are materials used by the covers that can prevent the scope from being the desired and just by changing it for a silicone one we would be forgetting about this inconvenience.

Coverage area

If we are on vacation and start having coverage and speed problems, it is very likely that this is because the area in which we are located does not have good coverage for our operator. To check if this is really the problem, we have at our disposal the GSM antennas website that allows us to know the antennas around us and find out which one has better coverage in this area.

Zone coverage antennas

Intermittent failure with coverage

This series of problems with coverage on your Motorola mobile can go from being total to lowering the intensity of the network, it is just as annoying and leaves us incommunicado in specific cases.

Update your mobile to solve the problem

The best thing we can do in this case is to choose to check the latest updates on our mobile. A security patch can fix the problem and allow us to continue browsing all the time without having to move to find better coverage. In Motorola we will only have to enter Settings> System> Advanced> Software updates.

The Motorola Tool

If after having followed all the previous steps, having looked for new actions and trying to fix it by all means we have not been able, Motorola offers us a last solution with the help of the computer. The tool is called Rescue and Smart Assistant and it integrates a performance system that can be the solution to our problem. It also integrates maintenance capabilities for fix problems with coverage that we are suffering.

motorola computer tool

What we have to do to use it and try to solve the coverage problems in Motorola is to install it on our computer after having downloaded it from the official support website. The first thing it will do is an advanced diagnosis in the search for problems and it will offer us solutions such as reinstalling the ROM.

Written by Ruben De la Calle

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