How to fix coverage problems on OPPO mobiles


Although our mobile is a kind of Swiss Army knife that serves almost everything, we must not forget that its DNA and what the invention was designed for, is to make and receive calls. For this reason, when we have coverage problems it will be impossible to use the mobile for this purpose. The OPPO mobiles are also not spared coverage problems, but luckily the solution is usually in our hands.

When our mobile has coverage problems, As we have mentioned above, the possibility of making calls is reduced, to the point of not being able to connect to our operator’s network. But in addition, the capabilities of our mobile data are also limited, as they are subject to the coverage available. This is even more serious, since it can completely isolate us by not being able to receive or send information in other applications.

Check SIM and operator

The first thing is to think that if we are in an area where before we had coverage and now we don’t, is due to a problem related to our operator, or even to the SIM card itself. For this reason and before thinking about other causes, we must carry out some checks.

Take out the SIM and re-insert it

It is the first logical step and the one that, in general, can give the best result. Any small hit can destabilize the SIM card. Therefore, we must remove it from its tray and reinsert it, with the mobile turned off. Once done, we turn on the terminal again to see if the coverage returns to normal.

SIM card

Try another SIM card

Whether from a friend or our partner, trying another SIM card on our mobile is the best way to find out the source of the problem. If when introducing another SIM card our mobile phone has coverage, we must go thinking that the problem is in our own card, so it could be convenient to go thinking about asking for a duplicate from our operator.

Settings on the phone

In many other occasions, the problem may be in the settings of our mobile. It is possible that said settings may have been modified by a third-party app or by ourselves. In any case, we must try several solutions to get coverage again on our OPPO mobile.

Airplane mode activated?

Another cause that usually cause coverage problems is usually Airplane Mode. This function is activated very easily involuntarily, which disable coverage of our OPPO. To check it, just look at the icons at the top of the screen and check if the “airplane” that indicates that the mode is activated appears. If so, we must slide the taskbar and look for the access to the Airplane Mode to be able to touch it and thus disable it.

Airplane mode

Network parameters

For try to get coverage again, We must go to Settings / Dual SIM and mobile network / Preferred network type. Once inside we adjust the preferred network type to 4G / 3G / 2G (Automatic) and then click on “Update APN with network activated”.

Reset network settings

This may be the best solution when all of the above has failed. This will reset the operator’s network settings and coverage return to original quality. To do this we go to Settings / Dual Sim and Mobile Network / Reset to default values.

If all of the above fails

Remove the case or cover

Many third party cases or covers negatively influence mobile coverage. In addition, they may contain metallic elements that accentuate the problem and cause the coverage to evaporate. In this case, we will have to remove any case or cover that we have and be vigilant to see if the stripes on the cover grow again.

oppo case

Restore to factory settings

It is the last resort, but it can solve the problem. To reset our OPPO phone to factory settings We must go to Settings / Additional configuration / Backup and reset / Factory data reset. Once inside, we will click on reset so that our terminal returns to its initial state and configuration and therefore, have coverage again.

Written by David Girao

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