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how to fix empty notification problem

by Tejas Dhawan


Notifications are the way that our mobile has to tell us what is happening on our mobile when we are not looking at it. However, and like almost everything on our smartphone, from time to time they may not work as they should. On Huawei mobiles with EMUI 9 and EMUI 10, some users report that notifications are empty without being able to see their content.

If our mobile phone did not emit sound notifications, we would have to be constantly unlocking it to see if we have any news in the dozens of apps that we have installed. In addition, the good thing about being able to see the content of the notification without unlocking the mobile, is that we can even save battery power. But on Huawei mobiles, there are occasions when the notification of an application displayed on screen without traces of its content.

Notifications without content on Huawei

When this happens, there is various aspects that we will have to review, since the solutions can be varied to this common problem.

Face unlock

If our Huawei mobile has facial unlock mode activated, we may have activated the function that hides the content of the messages until our face is recognized. This causes that in many situations these contents are not displayed. To avoid it we will have to go to Settings and enter the Biometric Data options. Once inside, click on face unlock and deactivate the “Show notifications” function

huawei face unlock

Blocked apps

It is another reason why notifications are displayed without content and it also has to do with privacy. In this case, we will have to go to the application blocking option and disable the one from which we cannot see the content of the notifications. To do this we go to Settings / Security / Blocking applications. Once inside we look for the app with which we have the problem and deactivate its box. The content of the notifications should now display correctly.

app lock on huawei 01

Smart data saving

In some cases, users indicate that the problem is resolved by adding the specific apps to the smart data saving exemption list. To do this we will have to go to Settings / Mobile Data and click on Smart data saving. Once inside, we will have two options: the first is disable data saving function completely to see if the error is fixed. The second is to add the application with which we have notification problems to the list of exemptions that is just below, activating the corresponding box.

saving data applications huawei 01

Update your mobile

Finally, and if you have not already done so, updating your phone to the latest version can correct the problem. On many occasions they have fixed known bugs including with notifications. This has happened with all versions of EMUI since its inception. To do this we go to Settings / System Updates and we will know if we have any pending patch.

Written by David Girao

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