How to fix fingerprint sensor problems on LG mobiles


The fingerprint sensor failures they are very common. They depend on several factors ranging from the good initial registration of each finger, to the possible dirt that is between the sensor and our skin, which causes reading errors. LG mobiles are also not free from these problems, so we are going to take a look at the best solutions so that everything works as before.

The fingerprint unlocking method has become the favorite option of many users. It does not require patterns or pin codes with which to be wrong, and they have evolved so much that the unlock occurs in tenths of a second since we put our finger on the sensor. For this reason, when the sensor of our LG mobile stops working or does it wrong, the experience with our device is tarnished.

Solutions to footprint problems

Luckily, either an imprint is that it is read badly, or that it is not directly read, Solutions to try to fix the problem are within our reach. In this way, we can return to achieve that the fingerprint sensor detects our finger correctly.

Re-register fingerprints

This should be the first step to follow. For this we will have to enter the security settings and eliminate the fingerprints that we have registered. Now, click on “Add fingerprint” and we start again the recording of our fingerprint, touching over the entire area of ​​the sensor until the process ends. Re-registering fingerprints may end the problem.

Register the same finger more times

Generally, we usually unlock the phone always with the same finger of each hand. Ideally, we proceed to register the same finger at least twice, to further ensure detection, since the sensor will have even more information about our fingerprint and areas that another record may not have been recorded. Once the registration is made, click on “Add fingerprint” and register the same finger again.

register fingerprints in lg

Clean the sensor well

Dirt is always the enemy of our mobile, and it will not be less in the fingerprint sensor. The passage of time can cause a thin film of fat to be generated between the sensor and our finger, which prevents the correct reading. This it can cause errors and we think that the reader has been damaged. Whether it is a fingerprint sensor on the screen or on the back, you just need to wipe it dry from time to time to remove these remains and make its effectiveness as it was the first day.

Clear the cache

Sometimes it is the accumulation of temporary files, which can corrupt the proper functioning of those who depend on the fingerprint sensor. Clearing the cache partition works well for the fingerprint sensor to work properly again. To do this we will have to enter Settings / Storage and tap on the internal storage. Then we tap on “Free Up Space” and choose “Temporary Files” then click on delete and restart the device. Now only remains check if the fingerprint works correctly again.

An app is to blame

It happens on many occasions. We have installed a third party game or application that is causing fingerprint sensor malfunction. This occurs when permissions have not been granted or the app is using them in an abusive way, blocking the reader for our use. The best thing in this case is to enter Safe Mode to check it.

LG Safe Mode

We can do it by keeping the power screen pressed and holding “Turn off” when it appears on the screen. Then we touch on accept for mobile restart in safe mode. If the fingerprint works correctly, it is that some app is the culprit. Now all that remains is to uninstall the latest ones and repeat the process to see if everything returns to normal.

Reset all settings

It is a less aggressive step than resetting to factory settings, but it will still erase any traces of configuration in settings or applications. However, our data will still be there. It is a good way to fix the problem when some configuration or parameter adjustment we have done, may have conflicted with our fingerprint reader. To do it we go to Settings / System Settings and tap on Restart and reset. Then we tap on reset settings and press to confirm.

Factory default

If none of the above works, the last step, before arranging a visit with the Technical Service, is to reset to factory settings. This setting will erase all data and files. It is possible that the footprint works correctly again, but once again we will have to register them again.

To do this we will have to go to the same menu above, but this time Click on «Reset to factory settings». We may have to confirm the action with our pin or pattern. The process will take a few minutes, but the mobile will work again as the first day, including the fingerprint reader.

Written by David Girao

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