How to fix incoming call problems on Huawei mobiles


The functionalities of smartphones have been increasing by leaps and bounds in recent years, making us forget almost completely about the classic calls. This is still something necessary and when we cannot use them we are in a hurry, something that many users are suffering with the incoming calls on Huawei due to a problem that affects any model.

Luckily there solutions at EMUI who manage to end this problem. There are solutions for each specific case, but we remind you to review the two possible cases with the intention of getting it fixed as soon as possible and that this problem does not continue to leave us without being able to answer calls on our mobile phone in different situations.

Problems answering calls on blocked Huawei

When we find our mobile blocked and we receive a call, we only have to slide our finger to the green or red icon depending on whether we want to connect or hang up the call. However, this can become quite a challenge if we are affected by problems with Huawei calls. To solve it we will have to follow these steps:

  • We enter the device settings.
  • We go to the applications and look for an agenda.
  • We enter the notifications and click on allow all.

emui notifications

Errors to answer calls with the mobile unlocked

When we are using our mobile phone we can also find ourselves facing this annoying error. Solving it in this case is different depending on the EMUI version that we have on our smartphone, the steps are still simple in any case.

How to fix it on mobiles with EMUI 10 or higher

When we have the phone unlocked, a notification should also appear at the top to answer and yet many users find that their Huawei phone rings but there is no way to answer the call. To retrieve the call notifications on Huawei We will have to go to Settings> Applications and click in the upper right corner to see more options. Then we enter Show system processes> Telephone services> Notifications> Call forwarding and enable the Strips option.

problems calls huawei

How to fix it with EMUI 9

In case we have a smartphone with EMUI 9, the process changes a lot and here we will have to enter Settings> Applications and click on the upper corner to show the system processes. We go in and select the Telephone application, finally we will have to activate the option to show the status bar.

answer calls emui 9

Check for app and system updates

Huawei is aware that this but has affected many users in the latest updates, it has released automatic corrections that could make it end to solve the problems with incoming calls forever. We just have to go to Settings> System> System Updates and check it manually.

huawei mobile emui update 10

Written by Ruben De la Calle

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