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How to fix memory and storage problems on Huawei

How to fix memory and storage problems on Huawei


Smartphones are based on their memory to carry out many functions and this can cause us to have Huawei mobile storage problems. These errors can be the beginning of other derived problems or suppose a series of failures that do not allow us to enjoy the mobile as we would like. Luckily for us at EMUI there are several methods to fall back on when we encounter these glitches.

Based on all the methods that exist to solve these EMUI drawbacks we will try to give are the solution that we exist. These socks can be used from entry-level Huawei mobiles to the highest-level smartphones of the firm because they all share possibilities with their own layer of personalization.

Full storage on Huawei mobiles

All mobiles have a limit and full storage can be the trigger for an annoying notification but in addition to one of derived problems in Huawei. The first thing we have to do in these cases is try to clean the memory before the problem worsens, resorting to options such as changing the cache in EMUI. All the apps that we have on the mobile accumulate data that is not necessary and we can get rid of them to get extra storage.

clear cache data huawei camera

We will do this by going to Settings> Applications and selecting apps, Google Chrome or other browsers are the ones that usually accumulate the most data and that is why we recommend that they be the first to clean. Once inside we are going to touch on storage and then on the option of clear cache and data. Little by little with each app you will get an extra space and we will also prevent you from becoming passionate about problems with your temporary files.

Clean with EMUI

To not meet storage problems on Huawei we have to keep in mind their cleaning options. Entering Settings> Storage> Clean, we will have access to various file cleaning options. By sections we are going to be able to clean different sections that affect our smartphone such as unwanted files or residual files that can generate failures.

clean cleaner storage huawei

Save the photos to Huawei Cloud

In Huawei mobiles we have an added weapon in the face of storage problems, the cloud is an extra storage that allows us to free up memory with the intention of avoiding us failures in EMUI. Without too many simpletons and only accessing the gallery we will find ourselves at the top with three points where touching them will show us Huawei Cloud. This access allows us to choose what data we want to save in the cloud, where we recommend you choose all the options, but especially the gallery option.

huawei cloud

Memory card is the solution

Before considering transferring the data to the memory card to avoid problems, we must remember that some Huawei smartphones use the NM Card designed by Huawei and which differs from the MicroSD. Once we put the memory card in the tray we will have to resort to the file manager of our smartphone with EMUI to move all the files we want to this extra storage. We also have an option that allows you to save photos by default on the memory card.

how to move dcim photos to sd card or huawei nmcard

Basic Huawei memory errors

In addition to all the methods that we have found to solve your problems that are usually related to a insufficient space on HuaweiWe may encounter specific problems that are related to memory and prevent us from using many of the functions of our smartphone. Fortunately, in this case the solutions are simpler.

Restarting the mobile is the most effective solution

The classics never fail and after a long time without turning off the mobile, any problem with the cache memory can cause the mobile to go slow or the apps do not load. This in many occasions is solved only by restarting the mobile, achieving break free forcibly all memory temporary stored.

Damaged files on mobile

When we try to open a file and it cannot be opened through any of the apps that we have installed, the best thing to do is to get rid of it. This could appear in the downloads and when in doubt of a file that we have not downloaded and making sure that it does not belong to the system, we can delete it if we have detected behaviors rare on Huawei mobile that could derive from here.

Pending updates

We never tire of repeating it, the updates are the memory solution and other common problems. A pending update may be the key to our problems and leaving it on hold may mean lengthening a situation that we really already have resolved. Just by accessing the settings and the updates section we can download and install the action that our mobile phone needs.

Written by Ruben De la Calle

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