How to fix mobile audio jack when it doesn't work


All the elements that we have in our mobile are necessary to function, among them the audio jack is essential for those who like to listen to music, answer calls with their hands free or be able to enjoy content without disturbing those around them. For this reason we want to show you how you can fix the audio jack without too many complications and continue enjoying the music.

There may be several reasons that have led us to find that when connecting our headphones through the 3.5mm jack you can not use. Whatever the reason, we remind you to take a look at all the problems and solutions that we show you, achieving that in any smartphone, whatever the model, we can repair it and continue enjoying it.

Dirt on the audio jack

The first and most repeated reason why the audio jack has stopped working is due to the dirt that accumulates in this inlet. Although we have a cover, this does not protect the entrance of elements into this space and many may end up entering it, for example, specks of dust, sand or earth.

Samsung Galaxy smartphone with mini jack connector

How to clean the audio jack

The first thing we must do to get rid of all the dirt that may be preventing us from enjoying our headphones is to use a small pin. With great care and without exceeding ourselves, we are going to brush with the pin inside the jack until all the dirt comes off. Once finished we are going to blow hard to make it come out. With the intention of finishing removing all the remains, we can choose a small stick, taking care not to lose the cotton.

Water in the jack

Especially in waterproof phones we can find that headphones have stopped working after having a dip. As we have clarified on other occasions, water resistance is a great help so that our mobile does not break down, but nevertheless it is not recommended to trust us. Before we can use it we have to dry it completely and of course also the 3.5 mm jack.

In case the water does not seem to want to leave the inside of the jack, we are going to lightly wet the tip of a stick with the alcohol for the wounds. Very carefully we are going to insert it into the jack after having switched off the mobile. After rubbing it all over the walls of the jack entrance we are going to let it dry, in addition to helping you with our puffs. This should cause the water to dry completely and not affect electronic materials.

Software problems preventing the jack from being used

We might think that the error is never in the software and that it is more about the hardware, although we should never highlight situations. Either because of a mistake in the last update or due to an application that does not work correctly, we are going to break our heads with the intention of fix headphone jack.

Mini jack output on Samsung smartphone

The best thing will be to restart our mobile phone, look for the actions of the operating system and test with different applications, all that will allow us to know if the problem is really in the hardware or on the contrary it has been solved with these processes.

Alternatives to using headphones

Before thinking about more complex alternatives to find or get, we recommend you try other headphones with an audio jack input, we may have gotten a lot more complicated when in fact the problem could have been from the beginning in the headphones.

mobile minijack connector

Other available options are Bluetooth headphones, since they have become an option really used by all users. In case of having a USB Type C input, only some mobiles that also include an audio jack allow it to be used to transmit sound, we will have to check it in each case in particular.

Change the audio jack ourselves

Although it may seem very complicated to us, the truth is that it is not recommended for inexperienced users, we can arm ourselves with courage and choose change the audio jack ourselves. This solution is only intended for mobiles that have already lost the guarantee or that are not too valuable for us, because a problem could leave us without our mobile.

Although it is a somewhat complex process, it is an element not very difficult to change, since it is only attached to the motherboard and nothing else. The steps you should follow very carefully are the following:

repair mobile audio jack

  • We remove the screws with a special screwdriver or heat it with a special repair iron to separate the body from the screen
  • Helping us with a suction cup and with a thin element we take off the screen carefully.
  • We disconnect the screen from the motherboard.
  • Now we remove the battery screws and other elements that may bother us.
  • We look for the audio jack, a small black and elongated element.
  • We remove it with the help of tweezers.

Finally we put the new ticket that we must have already bought, matching exactly for our brand and model of mobile. We put the battery and screw all the elements, to finally glue the joints of the mobile with the screen with a special glue.

Written by Ruben De la Calle

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