How to fix mobile fingerprint reader problems


The fingerprint reader It has become the most widespread and cheapest solution so that our mobiles have an extra layer of security when it comes to protecting them from access by third parties. Therefore it is the most widespread method, despite the fact that, as you know, it does not always work correctly. We review some keys so that most of the time it works correctly.

Normally they work well, but there are many external agents that influence when the fingerprint reader recognizes us the first time, which is what we all want, without having to put your finger over and over again until the phone is unlocked . Perhaps some of these solutions can help us.

Dirt, the most likely cause

When using a fingerprint reader, both our finger and the reader itself must be as clean as possible, or at least devoid of any element that may interfere with the contact between the reader and the fingerprint.

mobile fingerprint reader

For it you have to make sure that both surfaces are clean, not only from the dirt that is seen, but also to avoid that our fingers are greasy, for example when we are eating.

Avoid the water

A wet finger is synonymous with problems for the fingerprint reader. When the finger is not dry enough, this water ends up in the fingerprint reader, and when that happens, it is impossible for the reader to read the fingerprint correctly. So the contact between both surfaces should always be as dry as possible.

Mobiles guarantee water resistance

Update or restart your phone

It is not unusual, we have seen it in many mobiles, that a software update has managed to increase the precision of the fingerprint reader. For that reason it is often recommended when we notice that the reader does not work correctly, restart the phone. This can cause an app that interferes with the operation of the reader to restart and stop giving those problems.

Android 11

It is also important to go through the system updates area of ​​our phone, to check if there are any new ones. It wouldn’t be the first time we’ve seen a manufacturer launch an update to improve the accuracy of the reader and how fast you are able to unlock the phone.

Reconfigure fingerprint recognition

It is one of the most effective solutions, because when you have calibrated the reader by adding your fingerprint, the process may not have been so precise.

Huelals on the Motorola Moto G4 Plus

Erase existing traces and do the wizard again to add new footprints, the problems will probably disappear. A process that you can do through the system settings of your phone.

Place your finger well on the reader

Many times, most, wrong finger position in the reader it is the cause that this one does not read the footprint correctly. Although the setup wizard normally asks us to move our finger to recognize it in different positions, if we do not place it correctly in the reader it ends up being a useless effort.

Use fingerprint reader of the Samsung Galaxy S9 +

The fingertip should always be entirely within the contour of the reader, and not partially, or at least the central part of the fingertip. There are narrower readers, like those on the power buttons, where you need to focus your finger, no use moving it to the side.

Written by Jorge Sanz

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