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Among the problems that we can find on our mobile, those that have to do with coverage are the most annoying. Stay no signal means being cut off, as long as we are not under the protection of a Wi-Fi network. Furthermore, our data connection will also be affected. For this reason we wanted to see how to solve these drawbacks on Realme mobiles.

The failures with the coverage of our Realme mobile can appear when we least expect it. Its causes can be very varied, being ourselves the culprits or some third-party app. It can also be due to specific problems with our operator or even with the SIM card. Thus, we can totally lose the signal or it is too weak to ensure the quality of calls and mobile data.

When the signal disappears

In this case, the coverage signal does not appear anywhere, that is, we will see an “x” that will reveal to us that there are problems with the signal. In this case we will have several solutions in our hand to try to solve the problem.

Reset network settings

It is an option that will take us a few seconds and that in many problems causes the signal to return instantly. Reset network settings implies that all these values ​​will return to the initial state, so that if there have been adjustments that have destabilized the operator’s settings, they can be automatically reset. For this we go to Settings> System> Recovery> Mobile network recovery and then click on recover settings.

Reset realme network settings

Check location

In this case we will have to check our location and make sure that we are in an area within the coverage operator network; otherwise, the reception of the communication and network signal of our mobile phone will be affected or interrupted.

Is the SIM activated?

On many occasions, it is the SIM card itself which may have been deactivated, causing these false coverage problems. To check this we must go to Settings / Network Settings / SIM Card in Mobile data. On this screen, we must check that the SIM card box is activated.

Remove SIM card

To try to get coverage back, we must remove the SIM card to check if it is damaged or has moved. We will also take the opportunity to clean the chip and re-insert the card. Another test is to insert another SIM card into the phone to see if the problem has been solved.

microsim card

Other settings to restore the signal

  • Set the network signal to automatic within the Network Settings
  • Disconnect the VPN connection if it is active
  • Restart the phone and try again
  • Call our operator to make sure that there is no network incident in our area.

The signal is very weak

In this case we have coverage, but the signal is weak. This means that in the coverage bars we will have one or at most two illuminated bars. As in the previous case, the solutions of our realme go through some tests to be able to find the cause.

Remove the case or shell

The covers or housings, especially those of third parties, can interfere with signal quality and therefore in our coverage. Many of these products have metal parts that can interfere with the signal. To see if it is the cause of the problem, we must remove said covers or housings to check if the signal returns again.

realme x2 pro ring case

Improvement with an app?

Another test can be done with a third-party app. There are many on Google Play, designed to optimize the network signal to improve coverage. We leave you with one of the best results offers.

Download Signal Booster on Google Play

Intermittent coverage failures

This is one of the most complex cases, since unlike the previous problems, we do have coverage and this can also be very powerful. However, we experience frequent drops in signal strength or even total intermittences between having and not having coverage.

Update mobile

Since Realme phones have been updated to RealmeUI, they are receiving constant patches to correct bugs or improve performance. It is possible that if you have a pending update, you can improve the quality of coverage and the network in general. To check it we must go to Settings / System / System Updates. if we have any pending we must update immediately and check if the coverage gaps have disappeared.

realmeui updated software

Do a Hard Reset

If, after having tried all the above, the errors persist, we will have to save all our photos, music and other files and proceed to perform a hard reset. In this way the mobile will be as the first day and it is possible that the signal problems disappear. To carry it out we will first have to turn off the mobile and then hold down the power and volume down buttons at the same time, until we see the realme logo on the screen.

With the volume keys we are going to move through the options and then with the unlock button we will confirm the option. Within the available options we will have to select «Wipe data» and then choose «Format data» in the same way. Once done, our mobile will restart and when it turns on it will be like the first day, hoping that now coverage issues have been resolved in our realme.

Written by David girao

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