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How to fix NFC problems on Samsung mobiles

How to fix NFC problems on Samsung mobiles


A technology that has been gradually making an increasingly important place in mobile phones is the NFC, this tool allows us to make payment with the mobile and complete other advanced utilities. In Samsung mobiles there are more and more models that integrate it, but the problems are not absent and we are going to have to resort to a series of tricks, tips and solutions to be able to use it normally.

These methods are valid for all mobiles of Samsung with One UI in any of its versions, as long as they contain NFC. Within the Samsung section of MovilZona we will be able to know if our mobile integrates this technology or not. We know that these errors can be very frustrating and that is why we recommend you take a look at all the solutions and not just those that directly identify with the problem you have suffered.

NFC has stopped working after updating One UI

If we had been using mobile payments or other options for a while and suddenly we began to have problems with the NFCWe must first remember if this has happened after an update. Many users have detected that this occurs when making the jump to Android 9 Pie or Android 10, but luckily the solution in this case is very simple.

Forced restart

Samsung has many hidden tricks and one of them is this forced reboot that disables the NFC so that it turns back on and works properly. To do so, we only have to press the power button and turn down the volume at the same time when we have the phone on until the screen turns off.

forced reset samsung buttons

Samsung Pay does not work

The application and method that Samsung devices use to complete mobile payments is Samsung pay, an option that in some cases has suddenly stopped working correctly. In most cases this is due to a specific error that is solved by entering Google Play and checking if we have the latest update for this specific app.

pay mobile without NFC

If the problem is still present, we can choose to install Google Pay on our mobile to avoid doubts about whether it is a specific error by Samsung and its app or if it affects the NFC in general of the smartphone.

Delete all the data in the app

For some reason unrelated to our mobile phone, a error with NFC that limits the use of Samsung Pay, in this case we will have to follow the following steps to get it working again:

  • We start by going into the settings.
  • Then we go into applications.
  • We will look for Samsung Pay.
  • Inside we will choose storage.
  • To finish we erase the data and forcing the closure.

NFC not supported on Samsung

It is possible that in our day to day with a Samsung mobile with NFC it occurs to us to try to read some NFC tag, an idea that is not badly thought but that nevertheless will make us realize with an error message that this utility is not integrated as standard in Samsung.

To enjoy this possibility, we will have to download an application to read NFC cards or even edit them. At Google Play we have endless options to choose from.

NFC only works sometimes

Among the causes that can make the NFC of our mobile phone not work as we would like, we are going to encounter various problems that can make us think twice. Although it is a very widespread technology, it still has specific problems.

Battery related problem

Several Samsung mobile users have had to learn to live with flaws in their mobiles that prevent them use NFC when it does not have a battery greater than 75% and in other cases it only works when it is charging. The Samsung firm is already aware of this and is trying to fix it with an update.

problems update samsung

In case we are suffering continuous problems with the NFCWe recommend you go to Settings> System Updates to check if there is already a new version of the software for our mobile that finishes fixing it.

Remove the case to improve connection

Sometimes we get too complicated looking for a solution, when the most effective sometimes is to remove the case when using the NFC. This technology needs a short distance to make the connection and if we have a thick case or a material that does not allow data to pass, it will be very difficult for us that the NFC never works well.

Hard Reset is the definitive solution

When we have tried all the alternatives presented and none of them has had an effect, we have to think of a more far-reaching solution such as restoring the data of our mobile. In repeated problems this solution is the most effective and to achieve fix NFC on Samsung it can also be. Before starting we have to extract all the files, photos and documents that we do not want to lose.

hard reset samsung galaxy

  • First of all we turn off our Samsung Galaxy.
  • When it is off, press the power button at the same time and increase volume at the same time until you see the Android logo.
  • (Some models with Bixby button must press and hold power + Bixby + increase volume)
  • Then we move with the volume up and down keys, accepting with the power button.
  • We place ourselves on «Wipe data / Factory reset» and accept with the power button.
  • Then we do the same about “Yes” and accept.
  • And we end with “Reboot system now”.

Written by Ruben De la Calle

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