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How to fix OPPO issues with notifications

by Tejas Dhawan


The applications that reach our mobile can be more or less important. It is not the same that we are notified of a WhatsApp message or an email that we are waiting for, that an app informs us of its latest update. However, the big problem is when absolutely no notification reaches us, which puts us in a kind of very frustrating disconnection situation.

In the OPPO mobiles can also occur this circumstance but luckily we have several solutions in this regard. Sometimes it’s hard to find the reason why app notifications can’t be received. In addition, this forces us to constantly open applications such as Gmail, Facebook or WhatsApp, to check if we have any new messages.

OPPO mobile notifications do not arrive

OPPO itself is aware that these problems can arise at any time. Luckily, we have identified the main causes. You can test each one of them until you have solved the problem. In this case we have almost ruled out that we are facing a hardware problem, so the solution is in our hands.

Terminal connected to the network

Sometimes, even if Wi-Fi is connected, it may not be generating network traffic due to a problem with the router. In this case, we will have to disable Wi-Fi from the shortcuts on the taskbar. Now we will be in data connection and we must check if notifications start coming. If so, we will be clear that it is a connection problem.

Likewise, we should do the reverse test in case we experience problems when we are connected to our mobile data network. We will have to try to connect to a Wi-Fi network to verify it. Similarly, it is important confirm that “Airplane Mode” is not activated preventing the connection to the network and therefore, the arrival of notifications.

Enable notifications

In this case we will have to go to the settings of our mobile to verify that the notifications are enabled. For this we are going to Settings / Notification and status bar / Manage notifications. Then we verify that the apps with which we have problems have notifications enabled.

Saving mode

OPPO has very aggressive energy saving modes, which although they are ideal for stretching autonomy when we need it most, can interfere with the notifications of some applications that the system may consider secondary. Therefore, we will have to slide the quick access bar and check that the Savings Mode is deactivated. We can also check it from Settings / Battery.

oppo energy saving

Did it run at startup?

Some applications require starting with the system in order to function properly. If start from start is not activated, some apps may have problems sending notifications. To make sure we will have to go to Settings / Application manager. Then we will have to enter the apps from which we are not receiving notifications and select Run Start.

Check for updates

In this case, we must be sure that both the application as our own system have the latest version. In the case of the app, we will have to go to the Play Store and find the app in the bazaar search engine. In the event that the “Update” button is available, we must carry out the process and see if the problem has resulted.

Similarly, we must go to system updates in the Settings menu, to check if we have any pending patches. On many occasions known problems are solved including bugs with the apps, their compatibility and derived failures that can influence notifications.

Written by David Girao

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