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Although we never tire of emphasizing the importance of being always up to date, sometimes things do not go as expected. Many updates, especially those related to an operating system change, must mature and correct many of their initial bugs. For this reason, we wanted to take a look at the mobiles of Sony, and see how Fix problems after updating your Android versions.

Whether with its update to Android 9 or Android 10, Sony knows that there are certain problems that the user can face. These problems can manifest themselves in a slow system after a software update, for example when accessing menus or opening applications. But luckily There are several solutions and aspects that we will have to take into account.

Wait without despair

Google has pointed out on several occasions, that after updating Android, It may take up to two days for the device software to stabilize. This is due to many of the processes that continue to run in the background for some time. These processes consume resources so a general slowness can be seen for one or two days, something normal due to the indexing of files and the update of pre-installed applications.

xperia update

Restart the mobile

If the device does not improve as the days go by, a mandatory step is to restart it to see if its performance improves.

Unsupported apps

It is a classic problem of any update that changes the version of Android since many Third-party apps may offer compatibility issues. In this case, the solution is to update all the apps to their latest versions. For this we go to Google Play and click on “My applications and games”. Then we select all those that have pending updates.

Perform a software repair

If problems persist and before moving to more radical actions, a software repair can fix all our problems after updating. In this case, we must use the Xperia Companion tool that we must install on our computer and follow the following steps:

  • We open the Xperia Companion application
  • In “Manage the Xperia” we touch on “Software repair”
  • We turn off the mobile and wait five seconds
  • We connect the mobile to the computer using the USB cable
  • We let the program finish the repair process

repair xperia

Enter Safe Mode

By accessing the Safe Mode of our Sony Xperia, we can make sure if a specific app is causing the problems after updating. The system will start without any of them started and we will be able to detect if the problem does not occur in this mode. Then we will have to delete installed applications, from the most recent to the oldest until the problem disappears.

Format the microSD card

It is another of the solutions that offers the best results. When formatting the card all files and folders will be deleted, including those leftovers and damaged files. To do this we will have to touch on:

Settings / Storage / SD card / Storage settings / Format

Factory values

When all else fails, it is best to perform a factory reset. The reset will leave our Xperia with the latest version of Android that we have installed, but eliminating any conflict that may be occurring and they are causing the performance issues. Also, the entire cache on the device will be cleared. Later, when we reinstall applications from Google Play, only the compatible applications for our Xperia will be available, which will avoid software conflicts.

Settings / System / Advanced / Recovery options / Erase all data / Reset phone / Erase all

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