How to fix performance issues on LG mobiles


Among all the problems that over time may appear on LG mobiles, the operating ones are the ones that possibly cause the most headaches. Many users have had to face LG performance issues from which it is very difficult to get out and sometimes they are not completely solved.

The options of the LG UX customization layer are limited and we cannot take much advantage of it to ensure that these errors are not repeated, but we will still succeed. With a little patience and following our instructions, we will be able to solve it. Although the first thing we should do is focus on our problem, other solutions could help us, so it is important to know all the methods.

My LG mobile is very slow

When we are using our smartphone from any range, we are interested in it working quickly and we do not have to find LAG on LG mobiles. This problem that has appeared on devices for a long time when we have been using it for some time has solutions that generally work.

Free RAM memory on your mobile

Among all the unions that we can carry out on our LG smartphone we find the use of heavy applications or games, all of these accumulate in multitasking and can make us try to change between them and we find that the process becomes slow. Luckily, we can only fix this pending when this happens.

Android 10 LG G8X

Just by opening the multitasking of our LG mobile and closing the processes once we detect this problem, the speed will improve. We can also go to Settings> Battery and select the options that we use the least to prevent them from opening in the background. This will also help us to control the battery and its consumption.

Restart the mobile

The old advice to restart our mobile is still very useful. When the above works and we have a long time without doing a reset it may be what our phone needed. With this what we basically achieve is relieve LG mobile demands that by incorporating an entry-level or mid-range processor with several years may be in need of a break.

Too many files can slow you down

Among the photos that we receive by WhatsApp, the temporary files and other documents that we keep on our mobile, little by little our LG mobile is failing continually. The more files the more performance problems we are going to encounter and that is why it is important to always keep it clean and well organized, something that we can do with the help of Google Files.

files google android

This file manager manages to erase the garbage in a few seconds and warn us of duplicate files or heavy documents that we may not need. Surely you are surprised by the amount of storage that we are occupying without needing it and that therefore makes our LG mobile does not work at the best level.

Control the temperature of your mobile

swimmer with mobile on the beach

Possibly you have detected that the LG mobile performance is related to temperature, a problem based on heat dissipation. These errors are very difficult to solve and we can only take into account that when charging the mobile it is not recommended to use it. During the summer seasons it is not especially recommended in this case to leave them in the sun and of course whenever we detect that the back or the screen are very hot, we must leave them to the other and in cooler places.

Power problems on LG

The LG company has had to face the bootloop problems, a bug that was preceded by poorly developed updates. These problems came to affect mobiles that today we can continue to have, such as the LG G5 or LG V20.

LG V20 gray in the hands

Although the firm has managed to solve these errors through the technical service, we can find the error that prevents us from turning on the phone and using it normally. In this case we can only recommend you go to the technical service to try to find a solution.

Crashes, forced closings and other problems on LG

The number of performance problems that we can find in LG mobiles should highlight the forced closings or blocked apps on LG. These errors can sometimes happen to us, but if it is something recurring, we must assess the possibility that the problem is in the software.

Use safe mode on LG

From the secure mode what we will achieve is to enter our mobile phone without activating the applications, thus limiting those errors. In case this way the errors are not repeated, what we should do is eliminate all the suspicious apps. To use this mode we just have to turn off our mobile normally and then keep the off button pressed until we see this option.

LG safe mode

Check for updates

Once in the safe mode we can take advantage of to check the updates in case the method is impossible for us due to the closings. It is advisable to always have the latest security patch or update, which will save us security and performance issues on LG.

Hard Reset as the last solution

In this process, what we will do is delete all the data from our mobile to return it to the original state. All photos and files will be deleted, so it is recommended to save it on a different device so as not to lose them.

  • We turn off our LG smartphone.
  • Then we press the power button at the same time and increase volume at the same time several seconds until we see the LG logo.
  • In the following steps we move with the volume up and down keys, accepting with the power button.
  • We place ourselves on «Factory reset» and accept with the power button.
  • Then we stand on “Yes” and accept.
  • Finally we confirm the action and our mobile will be restored to the factory state.

Written by Ruben De la Calle

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