How to fix power problems on Samsung phones


Many of the problems with our mobiles that we talk about at MovilZona usually have an easy solution. In addition, in most cases we can continue operating with our terminal to make the necessary adjustments to find the solution. But what happens when the problem is that Can’t we turn on the phone? Let’s see why occurs on Samsung mobiles and how to solve it.

Not being able to turn on the phone can be a symptom of various problems. However, in order to solve it, we will have at our disposal some (although limited) possible solutions. It goes without saying that if after trying everything that follows your Samsung mobile still does not turn on, We will have to make a mandatory visit to the Technical Service.

How to make Samsung mobile turn on

All buttons at once

Surprisingly, and although it is not a solution contemplated by Samsung itself, we have seen in the official forums some users solved the problem with this “trick”. It involves pressing the three physical buttons on the device at the same time, that is, the power button and the volume up and down buttons at the same time. If you are lucky with other users, your mobile will restart turning on again.

samsung a40 buttons at the same time

Force restart

It is one of the best methods to solve the problem, since many times we are not facing an ignition problem itself, but before a black screen possibly caused by an app. In this case, we will have to press the power button for at least 15 seconds. Our mobile should automatically restart and come back to life.

Disconnect everything

The next step is disconnect everything that is connected to our mobile. We refer to headphones, or the charging connector. Later and after 10 minutes, we will try to turn on the phone normally.

Connect to charging outlets

We assume that you have verified that the mobile has a battery, but even so, we must try to turn it on by connecting it to different power outlets. In addition to the usual plug, we must connect it to a PC or laptop, the SmartTV or other power outlets. In each one of them We will test the power to try to boot.

samsung mobile charging

Method to turn on from the computer

In this case, we will have to disconnect the cable from the power charger and connect the mobile to the computer using the original USB cable provided by Samsung. Then we wait between 10 and 15 minutes. Now we disconnect and connect the mobile phone cable again after 10 seconds. After a minute, if the battery icon appears, the mobile will be off and charging so we can try to turn it on. If instead we see a red light it will mean that the battery is completely discharged and we must charge the device at least during 30 minutes before trying to turn it on again.

Physical problem

After trying all of the above, and if we couldn’t turn on the phone, We may be thinking about a physical problem that affects the power button due to a blow or the passage of time. In this case, the last thing we can do is try to print more power to the power button to try to make contact occur and allow us to turn on the device. Otherwise, we will need to contact the Samsung Technical Service so that they can replace the damaged part and that our mobile phone turns on again.

Written by David Girao

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