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How to fix problems turning Motorola phones on

How to fix problems turning Motorola phones on


Although it is not something we like to meet, there are certain problems that prevent us from turning on our Motorola mobile. An error that occurs in devices with different versions of the Android operating system and before which the solutions are pleased. By not being able to access our device the options to fix it reduced.

This does not have to be a limitation, there are several methods that we can follow to get our mobile Motorola turn on again. The problem could be derived from the battery, something we will find out if we can not turn it on with any of these methods and before which the solution is only to attend the technical service, but before going we must check it with the following steps.

Force restart on Motorola mobiles

In the event that our smartphone Motorola cannot be turned on we don’t have to worry at first change, this error could be solved just by forcing the restart. Motorola integrates this measure to solve the problem, getting the processes to be closed and even the operating system to rule out other more serious errors.

motorola battery saver

To carry it out on our mobile we will only have to press and hold the power button for up to 20 seconds, that is when the smartphone should vibrate and turn on again. This reset does not cause any damage to our mobile and it will turn on again as it used to do previously.

Access from the fastboot

There are times when our mobile phone cannot be turned on normally as we used to do, but we can do it by force with access to the fastboot. To do this we will have to press and hold the power button and decrease volume at the same time until we see the Motorola logo on the screen or we directly access the special menu.

motorola fastboot

From here we will move with the volume up and down keys with the sole purpose of placing ourselves on the “normal power up” option and thus we will achieve that the phone is switched on again. In case it works we would have to get the mobile to turn on again without any problem.

The Motorola tool helps us with the Hard Reset

After having tried the previous options, we can only resort to the famous Hard Reset, a process that consists of completely removing the data from our mobile and returning it to the original state. To carry out Motorola offers us a tool dedicated to making backups that can work even if our mobile does not turn on. The program is called Rescue and Smart Assistant and is available on its official website only for Windows computers.

motorola tool

Once we install the program on our computer, we connect our mobile and start Smart Assistant. The program could detect the mobile off if we try to turn it on and therefore it would fix the error. In case this is not the case, we will access the fastboot menu as before and we will make a backup of the files with the intention of to solve the problems to turn on the Motorola mobile and we can reintroduce them.

Finally we just have to remove from the computer and proceed to the Hard Reset. We will do this with the following steps:

  • We access the Recovery menu from the fastboot by moving the volume up and down buttons, accepted with the power button.
  • Then we have to locate the option “Wipe Data” or “Factory Reset” and press them.
  • Finally click on Reboot system now.

Our mobile will turn on and once we have configured it again we will meet turn it off and try to turn it on again. When entering the files again, we can resort to the same program with which we made the backup, but we must be careful in case there is any damaged file that causes this problem again.

Written by Ruben De la Calle

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