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how to fix problems with games (slow or close)

how to fix problems with games (slow or close)


After a little or a lot of time, we all have a game installed on our mobile. Whether it is some simple and to kill the time, or the great titles like PUBG or Fortnite, our mobile does not always perform the same way. In addition, on many occasions problems arise that prevent us from playing. That is why we wanted to see what problems arise with games on Huawei mobiles, and how to solve them.

The problems with games are usually varied, but In the case of Huawei, some plus is added such as the absence of GMS, as discussed below. Luckily, the solution for the majority of errors with games is within our reach, although in many others, due to the aforementioned problem, compatibility errors or technical demands, we will be unable to do anything.

Before installing a game

At this point various circumstances may occur. If you install the game from Google Play, it is possible that Google already alerts us that the game is not compatible with our mobile. However, in other cases, even if it is compatible, it may not offer adequate performance and may not be playable.

pubg mobile requirements

The best advice before wasting time on a game, which can take several minutes to install and “eat” much of our internal memory, is to take a look at the manufacturer’s own requirements. In many cases they are in the game description itself or on the developer’s website, where more precious information is offered regarding compatible mobiles and technical requirements.

When the game closes, or is displayed in black

This is one of the most common problems. As we say, the game can slammed, suspended, or even suddenly displayed with the black screen. The causes and solutions can be varied.

Many apps in the background

In this case, if we already have too many applications running in the background. It is therefore advisable delete apps in the background or even restart the phone to start again without these processes and try the game again. We can close all the apps using the virtual navigation bar, pressing to show all the applications and tapping on “Close All”.

The game is not compatible with the system

This is one of the scenarios that can cause this type of failure. In this sense, there can be two causes of the problem, one of them has a solution that can be simple and can be solved in seconds, while the second has to do with Google’s new restrictions on Huawei.

game in mate 30 pro

  • Update the game– If the game is not supported, a recent update may resolve the conflict. Huawei recommends go to AppGallery and update the game to the latest version.
  • Problems with GMS: Google Mobile Services are often necessary for the ccorrect operation of some games. Some titles require installation. Therefore, if you have a recent Huawei mobile without Google Services, you may need to install them before for the game to run correctly.

Games go slow or get stuck

Android is such a huge universe of brands and models that many Huawei phones are not technically compatible. This is the main reason why performance within the most demanding games It is not good. Luckily, and although our mobile is modest and does not have the most expensive processor or graphic power of the brand, we can always provide a solution.

Use the app wizard

The Apps wizard for Huawei allows you to have the maximum performance of the terminal to run the games. This means that the system resources will be destined to provide more fluidity and solve slow problems. When this option is enabled, the battery will be affected in its duration, but the mobile will be more optimized than ever to play. It is activated on the following route:

Settings / Applications / Apps Assistant

Then, we just have to click on the “add” icon to include the games installed in the system. Once done, we must run the game from the Apps Assistant to achieve the best performance.

game acceleration on huawei

Download another game accelerator

If the previous option does not convince us, to continue without getting the plus of adequate performance, we have the option to download a third-party game accelerator. As we have seen in the previous point, game accelerators are designed so that all system resources are focused on games. In this way, better overall system performance. Just below we leave you with GameBooster, which is one of the most popular for Android and that allows you to optimize the CPU and RAM with a single touch and also improves fluidity in the most popular and demanding games such as PUBG, Asphalt or Fortnite.

game booster android

In game settings

It should not be forgotten that many of today’s games allow you to make adjustments to your graphics to suit more devices. In this way, we can lower the resolution, the quality of the textures or the FPS the game moves to. By doing so we will notice an improvement in fluency. These options are generally available in the most demanding games and within its settings menu, in the section dedicated to graphics.

graphics at pubg mobile

Doesn’t let you install the game

It is another of the most common problems and perhaps the most frustrating. We say that it is the most frustrating because it happens, although we are 100% sure that our mobile is compatible and the performance is adequate. In addition, the failure can appear even when previously, we had already had the same title installed on the same terminal and running without problem.

Memory loss

It is one of the most common causes, the lack of storage memory prevents you from installing applications. In this case we will also have various options within our reach to free up memory quickly. The first is to go to Settings / Applications and take a look at all the apps that we no longer use. Once located, click on each of them and tap on uninstall. The second option is to tap on the “Optimizer” app and then on “Clean”. The system will take care of automatically deleting the junk files and the cache to free up space so that we can install the game.

Beware of viruses

Every time it is more probable that our mobile gets infected with virus or malware. For this reason, manufacturers such as Huawei are integrating antivirus solutions into the system, with which it is no longer necessary to install a third-party app. In this case, Huawei mobiles with EMUI 10 have a powerful antivirus. If any app is interfering with system permissions, it may be the cause of not being able to install games. To check it, we will go once again to the “Optimizer” and tap on “Virus Search”. In case of finding a malicious app or file, the system can eliminate it. Once done, we will try to install the game again.

Huawei virus

It can be Google Play

If we are trying to install the application from the Google bazaar, it is possible that the problem is from the bazaar itself. Over time and after many installations and uninstalls, the Googe Play cache may become corrupted or saturated, thus preventing the installation of some apps, which previously could have been installed. In this case, we will have to go to the Settings menu and enter the applications section. Then we just have to search for “Google Play” and click on “Clear data and cache.” The last step is to rerun the bazaar, find the game we were trying to install and try again.

Written by David Girao

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