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how to fix problems with mobile camera

how to fix problems with mobile camera


Since its official landing in Spain in early 2019, OPPO It has shown that it can put some of the best terminals on the market. The Chinese firm focuses its mobiles in many aspects, but the photographic section has great prominence. For this reason, when they appear camera malfunction, the experience is seriously affected. Fortunately, solutions to these failures are at our fingertips.

There are many factors that can cause our mobile camera malfunction. In addition, the symptoms are very varied, so the solutions are almost as varied as the problems that can appear. If everything you are going to read here does not work, it may be necessary to make an appointment with the Technical Service so that you can find the specific error, since it could be a hardware problem.

Camera does not open, freezes, or is black

Even OPPO knows that this is one of the most common problems. Camera malfunction can cause the app to not open, abruptly close, or display a black screen. We can also find an error message saying that the camera has stopped.


Force closing the app

For force close the camera app, we will have to press on the button of the recent applications, find the camera and slide to close it. Now we will have to start it again to see if the problem has disappeared and it can start normally.

Restart the mobile

If the previous step does not work, the next step should be restart the mobile to check if the problem disappears. To do this, we press the power button and volume up for 10 seconds. When the terminal restarts, we should be able to enter the camera app without problem.

Clear the camera cache

In many cases, the saturation of the camera’s cache memory can cause malfunctions. To try to fix it, erasing this memory may be the best option. To do this we will have to go to Settings / Applications and once inside we look for the camera app. Now we click on clear data and clear cache. Once done, we restart the mobile and test again.

Secure permissions

Sometimes the camera does not open with third-party applications that need to make use of it, such as taking a photo on WhatsApp or another app. In order to fix it we will have to make sure have granted the appropriate permits. To do this we must leave the icon of the app in question pressed, click on Information and then enter permissions. Finally we click on the camera and tap on “Allow”.

Photos look bad or blurry

It is another of the most common problems. Lack of quality in photos, when they looked good before, is a common problem. However, before thinking that the sensor may have been internally damaged, we must carry out various tests to rule out or try to fix the problem.

Clean lenses

This is one of the most common causes, which explains why photos start to blur. OPPO mobiles have three or four rear sensors, which widens the possibility of encountering dirt or dust that limits the quality of the shots. To avoid it we will have to Clean the lenses with a soft dry cloth. The cloths to clean the glasses usually give good results, since they do not leave micro-fibers that can interfere with the photos. Once we have cleaned all the sensors, we will try again to take the photo to see if we notice an improvement in quality.

Install another camera app

There are many other camera applications on Google Play that we can install. By downloading an alternative we can know reliably if the problem is from the application itself native or there is a hardware problem. In the following link you can download and test with another application.

camera apps google play

Macro mode activated

Many OPPO mobiles integrate a macro lens, which is specially designed to take close shots. If we want to take a normal photo of a landscape, object or someone, it is possible that the result we receive is a blurred shot. In this case, we will have to enter the camera settings and verify that the macro photo option is disabled.

More solutions to camera problems

Fortunately, we have at our disposal many other tests that we must do, before thinking that the camera of our mobile phone may be damaged, something that happens when you have been accidentally hit. The following solutions are therefore the last tests before thinking about hardware damage.

Diagnosing problems

This function is valid for OPPO mobiles that have not yet been upgraded to ColorOS 7, which are still quite a few models. This is so because in some terminals with the new version, this diagnostic app has incomprehensibly disappeared. It allows you to run diagnostic tests that will tell us that your camera has a problem and how to fix it.

In order to activate this check we go to the Manager app and tap on component testing. Then we select the camera and we deactivate the rest of the components. Now all that remains is to click on start and wait for the process to finish.

Update mobile

OPPO releases continuous system updates to improve features or correct known bugs. Many times, these patches fix camera glitches, so it is important to be up to date on this aspect and check that we have no pending. For this we go to Settings / System Updates.

ColorOS 7 oppo

Reset mobile settings

It is a good method to try to get everything back to work like before, since all the settings of our mobile will be restarted, but without deleting our personal data. We are before the previous step to return the mobile to factory values. To do this we will have to enter Settings / Settings / Additional / Backup and Reset / Reset to factory settings. Then we click on “Reset only the system settings”

Factory reset

The last step is to reset the phone to factory settings. This will erase all data and settings from the device and leave it as the first day. This means that if the problems with the camera continue, we will be almost certain before a hardware problem that we must solve with the help of a specialist technician.

To be able to return the mobile to factory settings we will have to enter Settings / Settings / Additional / Backup and Reset / Reset to factory settings. Now we tap on Erase all data and the mobile will begin the process. After a few minutes the terminal will turn on again, so the first thing we can do is run the camera app to see if the problem is fixed

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