How to fix sound problems on LG mobiles


The possibilities of our mobile phones lead us to use them for much more than making calls, but sound is essential for most actions. The different problems that we can find with the sound on LG mobiles they make us desperately search for a solution that gives us back its possibilities.

These solutions that we are going to offer you do not have to be intended solely for a LG signature mobile, both in the entry-level, mid-range or higher-end range can benefit from these tips. In addition to testing only those that solve our error, we recommend you take a look at the rest because they could help us directly.

The sound is very low

Among all the possible problems that may appear on LG mobiles with the most repeated sound is the one we find when trying to play music or multimedia content. Smartphones have certain limitations since the sound box is not very wide but even so at LG we find all the necessary options to take advantage of our smartphone.

LG sound equalizer

We are not going to need to download any external application or tool to end the problem of low sound in LG. With the help of the personalization layer LG UX We can enhance it by going to Settings> Sound> Sound quality and effects. At this point we will find an equalizer that allows us to balance to the maximum and even activate 3D sounds for an immersive experience.

No notification sounds

Do not disturb or silence mode

In case we are being affected by problems with the sound in LG notifications We will have to go first to the top bar to consult the shortcuts and check if we have the do not disturb or silence mode activated. This basic error may be the source of our problem.

mute mobile sounds

From do not disturb mode we only allow repeated calls or specific users to ring. It can be useful at specific times but in other situations it can lead to errors and confusion.

Are you connected to a Bluetooth device?

When using our mobile phone with headphones or a speaker, it could be connected without us realizing it. These notifications are sounding on the speaker and would not reach our mobile. The best and fastest way to solve it is to turn off the Bluetooth connection from the upper accesses.

Speaker cannot be heard on LG mobiles

When we can’t find solutions to the sound problems and it seems to be generalized, we should start trying to fix it anyway. Possibly generalized meetings or councils, but many users have managed recover sound on LG when everything else has failed.

LG sound

Restart the mobile and remove the case

Whether it is due to heating or because our mobile phone is suffering a specific failure, we must try to fix it. In this case, the first recommendation we must follow is to simply restart the mobile and the case helps us that another factor can cause the situation.

Safe mode on LG

Some applications or files that we download from the internet could include malware and are causing sound stop working on LG. Using LG UX safe mode we will find out if this is the source of the problem.

LG safe mode

To do this we will only have to keep the power button and when the off option appears we will keep it pressed. When restarting the mobile in this mod we will only have to play an audio file on our mobile and check if it has been completely solved.

Sound problems in LG with calls

LG’s calling function is still very useful and basic, causing us to run into a real problem if we are unable to listen to who is talking to us on the phone. This error can be fixed in several ways, check all methods.

Check the error with other contacts

The first thing will be to call another person to rule out that the sound problem be ours by mistake. This check will make us clear doubts and continue with the solutions that are available.

Screen protector covers the front microphone

At the top of the screen we will find the front microphone, which is intended to listen to calls. When we buy a screen protector we must see if it covers the front speaker or leaves it free, because it may be blocking the sound and that we are only aware of the problem when using it to make calls.

mobile LG hand

Use the bottom speaker

If there is no other way to fix the front speaker, we will always have the bottom one and we can activate it in calls by touching the LG handsfree. A solution that can leave us in a hurry until we can repair this problem in the technical service. We could also solve it with headphones with a microphone input.

Written by Ruben De la Calle

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