How to fix sound problems on Sony mobiles


Sony’s mobiles have always been characterized by two key elements, photography and sound. Part of this good reputation is the technology inherited from its TV division, where some of its technologies are adapted to the Xperia range. However, despite this, the mobiles of Sony may have sound problems just like any other brand.

Many of these problems are recognized by Sony itself, which dedicates many of its sections to help solve possible problems with sound. These problems can manifest themselves in many ways, so the solutions are also varied. The good news is that before thinking about a visit to the Technical Service, there are several options within our reach to try to solve these failures.

When nothing is heard

Run a Sony diagnostic

It is the first method that we should implement. Our Sony Xperia has a pre-installed diagnostic app that allows discover any problem that we can have with the different elements of the device.

xperia tests

Xperia Diagnostics, is found in Settings> About mobile, or in the “Tools” menu of the assistance application. However, we can also download the application from Google Play. Once inside we will have to click on “Sound and Vibration”. The mobile will look for problems with the sound and will offer us the appropriate solutions in case we find them.

Remove the Bluetooth

It is possible that our Sony mobile phone also connects to a multitude of audio devices such as the car handsfree, a sound bar or external speakers. Sometimes it is the problem of not listening to anything, because even though we are far from the gadget in question, the link is still active. In this case we will have to disable Bluetooth and Check if the sound problems have disappeared.

Toggle speaker and microphone

Maybe a hit or any other external factor have deteriorated as much the speaker as the microphone. If our mobile does not emit any sound, it is possible that the external speaker could have been damaged. There is a very simple way to check it. If you have WhatsApp installed, try to play a voice note that you have sent or you have sent. If nothing sounds, try to do the same but bringing the internal speaker close to your ear, if you hear perfectly, the problem is with the speaker.

Speaker of the Sony Xperia E3


It is heard with poor quality

It is very common also, since although our mobile count on advanced sound technologies, it may happen that the sound is not at all the desired one. In this case we can also try to solve it.

Activate Dolby Atmos

Sony’s Xperia have been compatible with Dolby Atmos for many years. This results in an improvement of the sound. When entering the Dolby settings we can modify certain parameters to try to sound quality improve considerably. To activate it we will have to enter Settings / Sound / Sound Settings, where we will see the switch to activate this improvement.

Dirt on the speakers

Sony mobiles can come with either a single speaker or a dual speaker, as is the case with its more powerful models. Dirt and dust can eventually cause sound quality worsens notably. There are several methods to try cleaning the speakers, but the ideal is to insert a pin or the like and drag the dirt out trying not to damage internal components.

App to improve quality

If the quality does not improve with the previous options, we can always download a third-party app that offers more sound customization options and a powerful equalizer with which to improve sound quality. As on other occasions, we usually recommend “Boom Bass Booster”. This app has a custom 16-band equalizer and 29 presets including 3D surround sound that will enhance the experience in movies or music. It has a very easy to use interface and settings for popular streaming music programs.

Download Boom for Realme on Google Play

Sony mobile phone sounds too low

This is another of the most common problems, without being able to find the cause, the mobile begins to be heard too low. The quality can be good, and we listen to all aspects of our device including the multimedia section, calls, notifications and alerts, but the sound is very low.

Check volume

It should be the first thing that we should check is the volume of the terminal, since it can be at a minimum and be the cause of the absence of sounds and low volume. Sometimes the volume of multimedia sound is turned up, but not of notifications or alerts. To verify it we must press and hold the volume button up.

xperia volume buttons

Do not disturb mode activated

Sony phones have a do not disturb mode that can be activated without us knowing. It may have been activated by mistake or even by an app that has permissions on sound options. To check it we must slide the task bar down and see if the ┬źDo Not Disturb┬╗ switch is activated. If so, we must press them and test again if the sound is operational again.

Case or shell

If we have a case or cover on, it could be the problem. This usually occurs especially when these products are of dubious quality and they do not allow the correct sound output from the speaker. This will make it sound too low. For this we must remove the casing or the sound and put the sound back to check if the volume is already correct.

sony xperia 1 case

Problems during calls

The sound problems during calls they are also very frequent. In this case, all cases can occur, that is, from not hearing or being heard, through poor quality or relatively low sound. For these problems, Sony itself makes several recommendations that can work and solve the problem.

  • Check the network signal strength in the status bar to make sure the device is connected to a network. If the signal is weak or there is no signal, we will have to move to an outdoor location where there are no obstructions or go to a window.
  • Make sure you are not covering the microphone with your hand. If we use a cover or case on the phone, we must also remove it to check if the sound quality improves.
  • Check that there is no water or dust blocking the microphone.
  • Restart the mobile and try again.
  • Make a call to another phone to confirm that there is no problem with the phone’s ear speaker. It is also recommended to make a call with another SIM card to ensure that the current one is not defective.

Written by David Girao

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