How to fix the broken charger cable on all mobiles


As much as we take care of the charger and its respective cable on our mobile, it is difficult for us that they were not afraid of breaking. Before throwing it away and thus contributing to technological rights, it is important that we take into account the solutions that we are going to offer you to fix broken cable and to be able to continue using it with measures that can be simple or more complicated depending on the situation of our cable.

It does not matter in any way that the charging input of our mobile and therefore also of the charging cable is Micro USB, Type C or even the cable Lightning own of the iPhone, all of them can be fixed with patience and dedicating a bit of our time. Before trying to repair the cables, we must remove it from the current and the mobile phone to avoid scares.

Charger cable fails sometimes

It is likely that our cable is apparently not very damaged and only suffers specific failures that in most cases are due to a bend that prevents contact and therefore the current reaches our mobile. In these cases we do not need too many complications and all we have to do is reinforce the play that the cables make in the upper and lower part of it.

Duct tape, the homemade solution

Without the need to buy special tools we will be able to fix or rather reinforce the cable of our charger so that it continues to give us good results until we buy a new one or to prevent it from breaking. With the classic insulating tape that we usually find in all houses, we will be able to protect the cable without covering the USB input or the one that we find the other end.

insulating tape

Special castable putty

A more recommended option and that offers us greater security when using the charger cable is the special putty that we can find on Amazon. It is specially prepared to be slightly moldable and offers us a resistance superior to that of insulating tape. We only have to place it in the upper and lower points where the charging cables don’t work and we can use them again.

fix mobile charger cable

Buy special putty for the charger on Amazon

The charger cable does not work on the mobile

If we are at the point that our cable no longer even charges and we see the cables inside, we will have to get to work in a more complex way. These measures that we are going to follow require special care and to be carried out together with an expert or expert in the field, taking into account of course that if the process is not a success we will at least have tried.

How to fix a broken charging cable

To get the charger cable work again We have to start by cutting about 5 centimeters below the break to find a part of the cable that is not damaged. Then we peel these ends with the help of pliers to carefully reveal all the cables that are inside.

broken cable

At this point comes the most complicated process because we have to remove all the cable that remains in the charging port of the charger, to expose all the tin contacts. Next, what we will do very carefully is to strip the small cables from the charger to expose the conductive copper and solder them to the charging port.

solder movi charger cables

In the image we can see on the left the USB Type C cable, on the right the Micro USB and Lightning cable that share colors. We must be careful when soldering them and not make mistakes, so we are going to detail in which position each cable goes below:

  • USB Type C cable
    • Black to the left of C1
    • Green
    • White splits into R1.
  • Micro USB or Lightning cable
    • Positive or G: Red
    • White
    • Green
    • Negative or V: Black

Written by Ruben De la Calle

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