How to fix the failures of your old Samsung mobile


The Samsung Galaxy S8 or Samsung Galaxy S9 in its different variants and versions have been on the market for several years and in the hands of users. This causes errors to appear that prevent us from continuing to use the mobile normally, although following our advice and explanations we will be able to end these problems that affect users. old samsung mobiles.

For a long time that has passed, if we are not demanding users with the latest technology or the best cameras, we can continue to enjoy these smartphones for a long time. Taking advantage of our Samsung smartphones will help us to continue saving a little more money and then make the jump to the smartphone that we want to compare later. Luckily for us Samsung has an enviable update plan, having even delivered One UI 2.1 to the Galaxy S9 and have several serial options that will help us.

Insufficient space on Samsung mobiles

The error we find most is that of sufficient space, being devices with several years, the memory is less than what we may need today due to the increase in the size of the applications or the many photos that we have accumulated . Faced with this problem we ourselves are the solution and that is that we will really have to decide which apps we need and which ones are dispensable.

Free up memory with One UI

To help us with this process, Samsung has been integrating into its smartphones for several years a system that automatically optimizes the memory of old mobiles. Just by going to Settings> Device Care> Storage> Release, all temporary files that we don’t need will be deleted. This method is the fastest but we will have to help ourselves with other tools.

free samsung storage

Use the cloud to carry your photos and files

From Samsung devices we have up to 15 GB free in the cloud to upload photos and always have them at our fingertips without taking up space. This option will make the smartphone more free in terms of storage and also notice its performance. To use it we will enter Settings> Accounts and security> Samsung Cloud and from here we will manage your synchronized data.

samsung cloud

The mobile is very slow

This may be related to memory problems in mobile phones with several years of Samsung, if we have followed the previous steps and have freed our mobile from unnecessary files and content, the best we can continue to do now is the following:

Automatic restart with One UI

To get free RAM and optimize our device it is advisable to turn it off from time to time, something that Samsung provides us with. To solve the performance problems on old Samsung mobiles we just have to go to Settings> General administration> Reset> Automatic restart. From here we can choose the days of the week and even the time we want it to be completed, for example while we are sleeping.

auto restart samsung

Battery runs out too fast

Given this problem that usually affects users, we also have ways to fix it, but it is usually a more complicated situation that may even require a replacement. The first recommendation that we make to you is to deactivate the live wallpapers and get rid of all those processes that are not really important, so we will be able to extend the life of the battery.

Optimize the system

Helping us with the One UI functions, as we have seen before, we are going to improve the battery in old mobiles, we can choose which applications have priorities and which ones will only be updated when we use them. We will only have to access Settings> Device care> Battery and modify the parameters of each app.

Change battery

After three years, no battery is capable of performing at the same level as the first day, this causes that thinking about changing the battery with the help of the technical service can be a good solution to continue enjoying our mobile if this is the only problem that have.

Problems taking photos on Samsung mobiles

The cameras of Samsung mobiles are one of its strengths, although this does not make it exempt from problems over time. It is important to keep the front and rear lenses clean, in addition to making sure that you do not have any scratches that could damage the result of the photographs. However, most errors are well derived at the time we want to see the photos, with results that seem to fail for many users.

Beware of memory cards

If we use a memory card to expand the memory of the smartphone we have to know that many of the problems in old Samsung phones with the photos come from here. Not all cards have sufficient speed to respond as our mobile requires and cause photographs that cannot be seen. Occasionally it is good to take all the photos on the card and transfer them to the computer, format the card and continue using it, something highly recommended in old Samsung devices if we don’t want items to be lost.

high performance microSD cards

Some application is causing the error

In case the problem with our photos contains, we have the option of safe mode, a tool that will help us to try to see the photos and find the problem. Accessing safe mode is very simple in Samsung, we just have to turn off the mobile and then turn it on by pressing the power key and decrease volume until it starts. In this way we can access the gallery and see if we can see them now, deleting recent applications that are causing a conflict or even doing a hard reset on Samsung if the problem is not finished solving.

Written by Ruben De la Calle

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