How to fix the problem to check the update on Xiaomi


On many occasions we have explained to you how important it is to have the latest version of the software on mobiles and in Xiaomi it would not be less, although many users have had to face problems when trying to install MIUI 10, MIUI 11 updates and also of MIUI 12. The dreaded messages “It is not possible to verify the update” has appeared in many Xiaomi mobiles and we will try to fix it.

It is a problem that has been living with Xiaomi A long time and although the number of times it appears has been limited, it is still a recurring error. It can happen to us both if we are trying to update our mobile through an update that has come to us via OTA and also when we try to update our mobile manually with a downloaded ROM.

Fix the problem when installing an OTA update

After the dreaded message appears that does not allow us to complete the update on Xiaomi what we are going to do is try to fix it with two different methods from each other. Sometimes it is not necessary to complicate ourselves too much and just by complying with the Xiaomi recommendations we can achieve it, worse, however, in other cases we will have to remedy it in another way.

What must we meet to update our Xiaomi?

Although it does not always happen, one of the factors that causes this message to appear is because we have not completed the recommendations that are based on the battery and the state of the device. It is important that our mobile has more than 50% battery or is connected to the current.

security xiaomi miui 12

We also need the memory to have enough space to download the package, so it will be convenient to use the Xiaomi cleaner to remove everything we do not need. It is important that we perform the update connected to a stable WiFi network or else a connection cut can lead us to this error message. It does not hurt to restart the mobile in case it was a specific failure.

The best option to update our Xiaomi

Given that our mobile via OTA will not receive an update that corresponds to this model, what we must do to be able to successfully verify the performance in Xiaomi it is to do it manually. When we have a new update on our mobile available, we will go to Settings> Over the phone> System update and then we will touch on the three points at the top.

update xiaomi manual

  • First we choose the option to download the latest package.
  • Once downloaded we go to select update package.
  • Now we look for it among all the files of the mobile and update it manually.

Fix it when we install update from ROM

There are many users who also launch to install the updates manually, a possibility that is much easier in Xiaomi given its many tools. This however carries risks and thanks to this problem we would be avoiding making mistakes. Before downloading a performance we must know if our Xiaomi mobile has the Global or European version entering Settings> About the phone, we should only download the one that corresponds to our model and only when it has been published on the official Xiaomi website.

In case of doing it through forums or other unofficial sites, we could be trying to install a beta that has not been released for all users and that is why this problem is shown.

Install the update with My Flash

Both if we have received the update via OTA or if we are trying to install to enjoy the MIUI functions before others, it is convenient to use Mi Flash. This tool available for computers makes the process much easier and avoids this problem checking for updates from Xiaomi.

With this method we will be able to install all the ROMs, but first we will have to unlock the bootloader with our own tool if we want to change the ROM. Then we have to download and install My Flash and follow these steps:

my xiaomi flash

  • First we download the ROM corresponding to our Xiaomi mobile on the official website.
  • Once downloaded we just have to add it to our My Flash program.
  • To do this, press select and looking for the file in the folder where we have saved it.

Then we will hold down the power and volume down buttons until Mitu appears on the screen of our Xiaomi mobile and we can start the process. In this way we will be able to update our mobile and skip the problem to verify the update on Xiaomi.

Written by Ruben De la Calle

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