How to fix the problems to broadcast videos on Xiaomi on TV


One of the most interesting options that we find in Xiaomi phones is to broadcast, a function that allows us to send content to the television without complicating ourselves. However, this function does not always work as it should and is causing many problems for users, which has led us to investigate to find solutions to the problems to broadcast videos on Xiaomi, but that extends to Redmi or POCO models.

The problem lies in MIUI 11 mainly but we can also find it in MIUI 10. The cast option was added to many devices via update and for some reason the system is not working as it should. In others it does not even appear if we are in MIUI 10. Sharing the screen from Xiaomi to TV or the computer is not complicated, but these errors ruin the experience.

The option to issue stays thinking about Xiaomi

To access the section dedicated to broadcasting videos or content such as documents and photos to television, go to Settings> Connections and share> Broadcast. From this point we only have to activate the function and automatically our Xiaomi mobile would have to find the television. However, this error can lead to many unsuccessful attempts.

issues issue xiaomi

In our tests we have opted to steal to send them directly from the gallery with different files and in the same way the system is left hanging without ever finding it. Finally it seems to us a help button with which we do not solve anything.

Solution for MIUI 10

To get this fixed in MIUI 10 or activate it in case it does not appear, we have to follow some steps that are familiar to other Xiaomi tricks that we have already known. We need the Activity Launchers app that allows us to activate hidden functions in MIUI. Once installed we just have to access and search for “Wireless display”. Just pressing it will take us to this option and we can take advantage of it.

activate emit xiaomi

To access it more easily we can repeat the process and keep the button pressed, this will show us the option to add it to the home screen and thus not have to complicate ourselves whenever we want send content to television with your Xiaomi mobile.

The problem is on television

If we have MIUI 11 and this problem keeps repeating, we have to start thinking that the problem is in our television. We have to be sure that it has the function Screen Mirroring or Miracast, which is compatible with our Xiaomi mobile and also have it activated. Many televisions already have it available but nevertheless it comes off or we have paid for it without realizing it.

cast xiaomi content

Each television is a world but for the most part this option is found in Settings> Network> Miracast or Screen Mirroring. Once we have activated it, we repeat the process and now we should be able to share all files from gallery or Xiaomi. A simple but fast process that we would have to repeat again if it ever fails us again.

We also remind you that the two devices must always be connected to the same WiFi network, differentiating between 2.4 Ghz and 5 Ghz networks.

You need the latest version on both devices

If the problem keeps repeating, we have to make sure that we have the latest version on our TV and also on our Xiaomi smartphone. On the smartphone we will do it in Settings> About the device and checking the update manually.

check updates miui xiaomi

Written by Ruben De la Calle

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