How to fix the problems to update Motorola mobiles


One of the main recommendations that we always make for all mobiles is to always have updated software. This saves us from encountering errors and glitches, but what happens if problems appear while trying to update our Motorola mobile and we don’t know how to get out of this situation. Luckily for all of us, Android will be able to fix it in Motorola.

Although we have a different problem than the one we present to you and their respective solutions, it is convenient that we try each and every one of them on Motorola mobiles. Before launching with an update and therefore also with these methods, it is convenient that we save on another device all the files and contents that we do not want to lose under any circumstances.

The update is not downloaded on the mobile

The most repeated case in Android in the different layers of personalization and also in Android stock, as is the case with Motorola mobiles, originates from the problems to start updating the mobile. For some reason update download does not start and we can spend hours looking at the screen without any result. Many times this is fixed only by restarting the mobile, but if not, we will have to consider other causes.

problems turning on motorola

Requirements to update the mobile

Motorola devices have a series of requirements to update that could be preventing our mobile from updating, which are the following what we show you:

  • Be connected to a WiFi network.
  • You need to have more than 50% battery.
  • Having enough memory.

They are a series of situations that we should all take into account, but also in this case it becomes an impediment to updating the mobile. Whatever the model, we need to comply with them in order to update it smoothly or mistakes.

Update the mobile with your computer

When the problem has not been solved naturally by completing the requirements and recommendations, we have to get down to work next to our computer. Motorola has the Rescue and Smart Assistant tool that is available to download on its website for Windows computers. Just by connecting our mobile to the computer through USB and opening the program, the system will analyze the possible update problems on Motorola, helping us to complete the update.

motorola tool

In the program we have access to a complete update tool, where we have to search for our model and enter the serial number. When checking that our mobile is the same as we have indicated, it will generate a search and we can carry out the action with the help of the computer so that the failures are not repeated.

Update does not skip on Motorola

Another problem with updates is the time it takes to arrive, in terms of Motorola’s update plans in MovilZona we give you the keys for when you can update your models. However this may change depending on the region, where we are or if we participate in beta versions.

To get the latest system update, we must first be sure that it has started to be sent to all users and for this we recommend that you trust recognized media, in addition to official sources.

Check it manually

The most reliable thing is to check it for ourselves instead of waiting to receive the notification. To do this we have to enter Settings> System> Advanced> Software updates. Then a manual check will be performed that will result in us having new versions for our model.

Update notification is not removed on Motorola

In some Motorola mobiles we miss a problem related to the notification that warns us that we can update the mobile. For some case it remains fixed in the notification bar and there is no way to delete it. To eliminate it we will have to get down to work, although before it is better that we carry out the update, because otherwise we could generate other problems.

  • We access the settings of our mobile.
  • We search and enter Applications.
  • Then we will enter Downloads.
  • Finally we are going to clear the cache and force stop.

Written by Ruben De la Calle

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