How to fix the problems with mobile data on Xiaomi


One of the most viewed problems on phones is those that have to do with Mobile data, a problem that also has a place in Xiaomi and sometimes in a more repeated way than we would like. In most cases it is a bad configuration, where or all we have to do is follow the steps that we are going to explain to you to navigate again in 4G or even 5G at maximum speed.

Regardless of the telephone purchase we have or the model of Xiaomi, Redmi or POCO that we have, we are going to use the MIUI options to fix these bugs. We recommend you go through all the options step by step until you find the one that finally allows us to navigate.

Set up mobile data with MIUI

We have previously mentioned that most of the problems with mobile data are based on a bad configuration and that is why we are going to focus on this aspect. At Xiaomi we have several options that can help us improve its performance but can also cause us to suffer for some slow mobile data. Following in our footsteps we will not have to worry.

Set up the APN on Xiaomi

To start we go to the Settings of our smartphone with MIUI and then we enter the option SIM cards and mobile data. Within this section we make sure to have the mobile data activated, something we can also activate from the upper bar of shortcuts. Then we enter our SIM card that will have the operator’s name by default.

APN Xiaomi

  • Then we enter the option Access Point Names, better known as APN.
  • Once inside we have to click on new APN.
  • In these sections we will follow the instructions of our company.

We want to put special relevance in the OMV Type section because many virtual operators cause a problem with mobile data by not indicating the process correctly. In this section we have to change the option from SPN to IMSI whenever we cannot connect. To finish we save the changes in the plus button and when we return to the previous tab we select it.

Mobile networks

Returning to the SIM card section we find access to the preferred network type option in which if we press it shows us the available options. The most recommended at this point is to prefer 4G or 5G, always the highest speed. In the event that our mobile cannot be used, it will automatically change to the next point.

xiaomi mobile data network

In the option called Mobile networks we also have to check that we have the option to select the network automatically activated or else we could run out of access to mobile data on Xiaomi promptly.

Activate data roaming

To rule out problems we will proceed to activate data roaming, a section found in Settings> SIM cards and mobile data. This option will not have to suppose any extra cost as long as we are in the country where we have contracted our rate, but we must be careful when traveling to other countries. It is an option that we will have to use as long as I do not have configured the region of our mobile in which we are.

Turn off mobile data limits

Among the possible failures that can cause us not to have mobile data on Xiaomi we did not find the data limit. This option is designed so that we do not go beyond what I have contracted but it could be affecting us. To deactivate it or extend the limit we only have to do the following:

xiaomi data limit

  • We enter settings and then SIM card and mobile networks.
  • Then we go into Set data plan.
  • We select Data Plan.

From here we can eliminate the maximum data limit or choose what happens when the data plan runs out.

Alternative solutions

Restart the mobile and check for updates

The classics never fail and that is why we can not fail to remind you that sometimes after establishing these settings, restarting the mobile is what makes let’s recover the mobile network. In addition to this, checking for updates periodically will make us safe and correct specific errors that appear in MIUI. We only go to Settings> About phone> System updates.

check updates miui xiaomi

Where is the problem?

On many occasions, after having tried all the methods, we did not manage to find the key, that is when we have to choose to doubt the operation of the data network. In this case we can check if it works correctly on our company’s social networks or consult us directly. As an extra method we can check if our rate still has mobile data or we have consumed them all.

Written by Ruben De la Calle

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