How to fix the sound problem on realme phones


Problems with sound is something that is most common in our mobiles. There is no brand or model that is free of them, so we will have to keep in mind the possible solutions within our reach when the time comes. The realme mobiles They can be considered newcomers to the market, but nor are they exempt from suffering this type of failure. Luckily and as it happens with other mobiles, we can find the solution ourselves.

When our Realme mobile begins to experience sound problems, these can manifest themselves in very different ways. It is possible that we don’t hear anything, or the sound is of poor quality. We may even notice that this occurs when we make or receive calls. This means that the possible solutions are more varied even than the type of problem.

I can’t hear anything on my mobile Realme

It is one of the most extreme cases, since we will be totally on the margin of alerts, notifications, incoming calls and other sounds. Also, the terminal does not sound when we play music or listen to a video.

After the arrival of Android 10?

Some Realme models have had problems after the arrival of Android 10. The new RealmeUI layer has many new features, but it has been giving sound problems. If your sound issues have started after or shortly after this update, it is very possible that you have the patch that fixes it already pending. You can check it from System Settings / Updates.

Check the volume

It often happens that the different volumes of the device are confused. It is very likely that the sound of a multimedia video is down or that of calls or even all of them. Therefore, one of the first steps must be check the sound of our mobile turning up the volume from the volume keys to make sure it’s at maximum.

Look at the speakers

Several Realme models already have stereo speakers, so the chances of having sound problems are doubled. If we work or are habitually in dirty and dusty environments (or a lot of beach in summer) it is possible that the speakers are blocked. In this case, we will have to proceed to clean them carefully and check if the problem has disappeared.

realme speaker sound

Do not disturb mode activated

It is one of the most frequent causes and that causes that except for certain alerts, nothing is heard on our device. To check whether Do not disturb mode is activated We must slide the taskbar and verify that its icon is not activated. Otherwise we will press to deactivate it, and we will be able to check once more if the problem has disappeared.

It can be Bluetooth

Sometimes when Bluetooth has been paired with another device, either the car hands free or other audio device, the sound may have been “slave” to said device and cause nothing to be heard by our Realme. The solution is to deactivate the Bluetooth of our mobile and test if the sound returns to normal.

It is heard very low

In this case, the sound of our mobile phone works correctly, but it is so low that there is very possibly some conflict that is preventing the correct volume of the system.

Remove case or shell

Great care must be taken with third-party cases and covers, which sometimes do not offer the desired quality. Many of these products even plug holes for speakers or microphones, or they do not make a good cut to allow the sound to come out. For this reason and to rule out other problems, we must first remove the case or shell and check if the volume returns to the previous volume.

Power loss

This occurs over time as the speaker can deteriorate and lose power. In this case, a good solution may be an app that maximizes the capabilities of the speaker to make our Realme sound loud again. One of the most popular is GOODEV, which allows enhance the sound of our mobile. Once downloaded and installed we will have to modify the volume control bars to our liking, until we reach the desired level.

Download Goodev Sound Enhancer on Google Play

Virus or malware

There are malicious applications that can take over the sound of our terminal. In this case, they can cause you to hear low or hear nothing. This is usually due to permissions designed to run in the background. In this case, it is best to enter Safe Mode to try to rule out the cause. To enter this mode we must:

  • Press the power off button on the phone for a while
  • Wait for shutdown and restart options to appear
  • Long press on the shutdown button until an on-screen popup appears
  • Press accept to restart the phone in safe mode

Poor quality sound

Strange noises, crunches and other shoddy sounds They intermingle to make sound a nightmare. The quality is not as desired and this is evident in all areas of mobile sound.

If it happens when receiving or making calls

If this happens during our realme calls, we will have to check several points to rule out bigger problems:

  • Check our location and try elsewhere. In areas without coverage, you may hear noise during phone calls. Consult our network operator for network problems.
  • If the voice sounds normal on speaker, then check the earpiece. If you still can’t hear clearly, then the system or network operator could be the problem.
  • Check the connected accessories, we must test the headphones of other phones and check if they work properly.
  • Restart the phone and update the ColorOS or RealmeUI version.

Activate Dolby Atmos

The vast majority of realme phones have this sound technology to improve quality in all circumstances. We can go to the realme website and search for our model to make sure it is compatible, however, the best method is to enter the settings menu and type Dolby in the search drawer. In the case of appearing, we will have

dolby atmos in realme

Once inside we can activate the function and choose between four options depending on the type of sound that we are going to listen, between Intelligent, Theater / Cinema, Game or Music.

An app to improve

Another good solution is to download a third-party app that offers more sound customization options and a powerful equalizer with which to improve sound quality. One of the best is Boom Bass Booster that we have already talked about on other occasions. This app has a 16-band custom equalizer and 29 presets including 3D surround sound that will enhance the experience in movies or music. It offers an easy-to-use interface and settings for popular streaming music programs.

Download Boom for Realme on Google Play

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