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At MovilZona we constantly insist on the importance of having our mobiles updated. It is the best way that our terminal has the latest security updates, in addition to improvements and bug fixes that manufacturers are releasing in the form of patches. The problem comes when we want to update to a new version and we cannot in any way.

Realme is one of the companies that are most immersed in the process of updating their mobiles. Let’s remember that a few months ago they released their RealmeUI cape, which implies an arduous process to change the soul of their entire portfolio. For this reason, it may be more common for give failures in the updates of Realme mobiles, although it is something common in all brands.

realmeui updated software

Download does not start

This is one of the most common problems. The update has two processes: download and install. In this case, our mobile alerts us of the arrival of a new version or patch, but we can’t start the download Of the same. As always, we will have several possible solutions in our hands.

Clear the cache

One of the solutions is to clear the cache of the system settings. It is a method that works in the vast majority of cases and allows update starts smoothly. To do this we will have to go to Settings and enter “Applications” once inside we look for the so-called “Settings” and once inside we tap on “Clear Cache”

Settings cache in Realme

Remove the card and SIM

If our mobile phone has a memory card, it may be that at certain times interfere with the correct download of an update and the system conflicts during this process. In order to make sure, we must remove both the memory card and the SIM card. Then we must be sure that we are connected to a secure Wi-Fi network and try to download the update again.

Toggle between data and Wi-Fi

It is a method that allows us to rule out that the failure is due to our Internet connection. To do this, we must alternate between Wi-Fi and Mobile Data to see if the download begins. In this case, if the problem arises while under a Wi-Fi network, we must slide the quick access bar and touch the icon to deactivate the network. Now we will be in data network and we must check if the download is successful. Otherwise, we must deactivate the data and try a Wi-Fi network.

Check storage

Lack of space is another of the most common causes. If we do not have enough memory in the device, the update (depending on its size) will never start. To do this we must go to Settings / Applications and delete those apps that we use less. In the same way, within Settings / Storage we can carry out an automatic cleaning of the system that will eliminate all the junk files that are occupying space unnecessarily. Once done we will go back to the update to check if the download process starts smoothly.

Known error “No network connection”

It is a known bug in Realme mobiles. Although it may be somewhat specific, it is worth remembering that sometimes users have had problems updating, due to the maintenance of some OTA servers. In this case the mobile throws the error “there is no network connection” and the update cannot start downloading. In this case we can only insist until the brand has finished maintenance and the error is solved.

realme update problem

Unable to install update

In this case, downloading the update went smoothly, but the installation never starts. That is, we will not see the progress bar that indicates that the system is proceeding to update the system and will not restart.

Check the battery level

Realme mobiles have a security system that prevents a critical updateAs it is an operating system, it occurs if the battery does not have a certain level of charge. This prevents the mobile from suddenly shutting down in full installation, as it happened years ago, and may be unusable. However, the required battery levels vary depending on the operating system we have:

  • If your Realme is already updated to RealmeUI: you must have at least 30% battery
  • If your Realme continues to work with ColorOS: you must have at least 40% battery

Close all background processes

Sometimes some apps in the background they may be consuming too many resources, and installing the update slow down for security. To check it we will have to press the recent applications key and close all of them until there are none left. Then we go back to the update window and it is very likely that the installation will start smoothly.

The update never comes

Another common problem that the user faces is wait for an update that should have come but it never does. In this case there are also several factors that influence our never receiving the notice.

Nightly updates disabled

It is very likely that our Realme mobile has nightly updates activated. It is a system to avoid interrupting daily activity with the device, since updates (except for those security criticisms) will occur at night. That is to say, between 02:00 and 05:00 in the morning, the terminal will take advantage of it to download and update itself. This can be the cause, when the function is activated but the user has a habit of turning off the mobile at night or when the battery runs out earlier. The best option for ensure the update arrives and installs as soon as possible, This option is deactivated, found in Settings / System / Software updates. Then we tap on the options gear and uncheck the function.

updates realme

It has not been launched in your area

When the brand announces major software updates, The launch is not carried out simultaneously in all countries, but is done in batches in a staggered manner, as a “fire-fighting” effect in case of problems. This means that we will have to wait until the mobile notifies the patch. In addition, it is possible that two Realme phones of the same model and being in the same area, do not receive the update at the same time.

Force update

Sometimes we are waiting for the update to jump or the system warns us, but we can advance the work ourselves trying to force update manually. To do this we go to Settings / System / System Updates and click on “Check for Updates”

Don’t wait for the OTA

The best method to end headaches is not wait for the update and install it ourselves manually. Realme hosts the latest firmware for its devices on its official website, which we can also install manually using two different methods. We will only have to choose the appropriate file for our model.

Written by David Girao

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