How to fix WiFi problems on LG mobiles


No one likes their mobile to suffer failure to connect to WiFi or that for different reasons it does not work at the speed it should, a problem that has been repeated repeatedly on LG mobiles. In order to try to give you a solution in your specific case, we expose you to different problems with their respective solutions, all with the intention of making the WiFi of our mobile phone work as it did at the beginning of its release.

These solutions are not exclusive to each of the cases and we recommend you to try the rest of the solutions in case you keep uploading these problems. Technology does not have a single path to an end and what we least think about, could end up being the cause and solution that prevent us from seeing series in our LG mobile without cuts or download files among many other things.

The WiFi of my LG mobile is disconnected

The problems with the cuts and disconnections in the mobile make us not really enjoy the content that we are seeing. This situation is very frustrating and the solution can really be so simple that we hadn’t even considered it. Just by accessing Settings> WiFi and keeping your finger on our network to delete it and then connect again, they could be solved.

LG mobile wifi

Delete the connection data

In other cases the solution is somewhat more complex and forces us to delete not only the WiFi networks, but also the configuration of the mobile data and the Bluetooth connection. We will do this with these steps from the customization layer LG UX from our mobile:

  • We enter the settings.
  • Then we tap on the “General” tab.
  • We look for “Restart and reset” and then select “Reset network settings”.
  • Once the process is complete, we will be shown the message that it has been completed.

Switch between 2.4 and 5 Ghz network

It is increasingly common for our WiFi connection via fiber optics at home to have 2.4 Ghz and 5 Ghz networks, two technologies that offer us different results. The problems with WiFi on LG mobiles They could come from here, if we are connected to the network that we shouldn’t.

mobile wifi zone band

It is recommended to always opt for the 2.4 Ghz network since it has a greater range, if we connect to the 5 Ghz network and withdraw from the router we could suffer cuts and interruptions, since its range is much less.

Doesn’t load anything connected to WiFi

Are you sure it works on mobile data? Before we despair we have to check if it only fails with WiFi or if it affects mobile data. It is also recommended to check it on other mobiles that we have at home to rule out that it is not a network outage. Restarting our mobile phone or even the WiFi router can also be the fastest and most effective solution.

Use safe mode

Throughout the time that we have our mobile we can have installed many applications, downloaded countless files and made our mobile many virguerías. In some of them we could have suffered a problem that we will try to find out by accessing with the safe mode.

LG safe mode

To use this mode we have to start by turning off our mobile normally and then keep the off button pressed until we see this option. In a few seconds it will light up again with a message at the bottom indicating that we are in LG safe mode. If through this method we can count without WiFi errorsWe will have to think about uninstalling the latest apps that we have downloaded and cleaning our mobile files.

WiFi speed issues on LG

In cases where speed is the only problem with our mobile phone but it is always connected to the router, we could be facing a problem related to the mobile phone with software errors. This situation will make us think a lot and try to fix it in different ways, but finally the solutions that should work for us are the following.

Interferences are to blame

LG K30

We are not alone in this case, other mobiles of different brands or with other versions of Android have been involved in this same problem. Unfortunately the Bluetooth connection generates many interference with WiFi at home and it can slow us down. To check if this is our problem we just have to deactivate the Bluetooth of the mobile and do the same with other devices that we have near the router or our mobile.

Clear the cache partition on LG

When we have already tried all of the above, we can only trust that deleting the cache partition with all temporary files ends up with fix WiFi on LG. Photos or other files should not be deleted, but since it is very easy to make the mistake, we recommend saving our most important files on another device. What we should do is the following:

  • We turn off our LG mobile
  • Then we will keep pressing the power button and increase volume at the same time.
  • In a few seconds the LG logo will appear and we can release it.
  • With water from the volume keys we move to place ourselves on «wipe cache cache partition».

When the process is complete, we will turn off the mobile and when we turn it on again, we will check that now the problem has been solved.

Written by Ruben De la Calle

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