how to fix your problems on Samsung mobiles


The virtual assistants boom has turned into a race, where different manufacturers try to be better than their rivals. Siri, Google Assistant, Celia or BixbyThey are some of the best known. Just today we are going to take a look at the problems that may arise in virtual butler of Samsung, that being pure software, we will be able to solve ourselves.

As we say, Bixby is integrated into Samsung mobiles, so as it is a specific software for these terminals, it depends on its correct compatibility with other applications. Samsung itself recommends taking some steps, when it is detected that the wizard does not work correctly.

Methods to solve problems with Bixby

Applications that stopped working

Keep in mind that Bixby has evolved from version 1.0. Samsung has enabled support for developers to work on Bixby 2.0, however some third-party apps may not have adopted this change and is the reason for the malfunction.

Update mobile

We already know that it is not recommended to leave pending updates on our mobile phone, much less when it comes to operating system updates. In the case of Bixby, Samsung suspended support for many of its functions such as Bixby Voice or Bixby Briefing for Galaxy with Android Nougat or Oreo. That is they must be updated in order to enjoy Bixby in all its essence. To check if our Galaxy has any pending updates, we go to Settings / System / System Updates and search.


Sign in with Samsung account

It is another of the usual problems, for the wizard to work properly A Samsung account is required for Bixby to learn user usage patterns. In this way you can analyze the command through the Samsung server with higher quality. All the information will be deleted if the user leaves the Samsung or Bixby account. To create the account, click on “Menu” on the home screen and enter “Settings”. Then we scroll to “Accounts” and access with a touch by clicking on “Samsung account”.

Clear cache and data

In this case, we will have to enter Settings / Applications and we must search all Bixby related apps including Bixby herself. Once done we must force the closing and delete the data and cache of each one of them. Most users who have problems with Bixby have solved them using this system.

bixby clear cache

Clear updates

It is another method that works, but keep in mind that it is possible that you have to reconfigure Bixby, but it is one of the methods that give the best result when the failures begin. For this we will have to enter Settings / System / Apps / and search for Bixby. Then we tap on uninstalling updates. Once done we go to the Galaxy Store and look for Bixby, we then proceed to update the application and check if everything works correctly.

Restart Safe Mode

This is the best method to check if any third-party app is interfering in the correct functioning of Bixby. This usually occurs with malware or applications that, without being malicious, appropriate permissions and block access to hardware such as the microphone that Bixby uses.

android safe mode

To enter Safe Mode we turn off the phone and press and hold the power key beyond the model name screen. When the Samsung logo appears on the screen we must release the power button and just after hold the key down to decrease the volume. We continue to press the volume down key until the device finishes rebooting. Safe mode will now be displayed in the lower left corner of the screen.

Yes Bixby works correctly In this mode, we must uninstall applications, especially those that we have recently installed and restart the mobile phone by repeating the process. In this way we can find the culprit app and make Bixby work correctly again.

Written by David Girao

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